Simple questions for singles....or anyone..plz fill thanks

lewis26October 9, 2008

Hey I am doing a survey on what people think is most important in their lives. It could be family, religion, fashion,relationships,study and more............

Can u please answer these few questions. Thanks

1: Gender

2: Age...if you don't want to put it can you put an age 30-40.

3: List what u think is the most important and second most important thing and write a little explanation of why.

Thank you for helping, have a nice day

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Go away.

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asolo, did I miss something? Why the hostile response? Satine

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The poster registered October 8, & I think this is the 3rd or 4th forum I've seen the identical post, with no reason given for the request for info ("I'm writing my doctorate", "I'm writing a newspaper article", etc).

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why do u find this request so desturbin,the op has posted on parents,marriage ,single forum.prob just wantin to see from all people.Ive actually found it quite interesting.
Its showed me alot about these people on here that give advice

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Well it seems I'm the only one who "bit." I responded to the posting that was tops on the list and didn't notice this one farther down.

I hope it isn't being used for anything other than what it says.

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