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DDH_123October 17, 2013

To quickly summarize my situation a "contractor" was hired to re-roof my house. He hired a roofing company to do the job and once the job was completed my husband could see from the ground that it was out of square. He went on the roof and measured several places. At one point he measured and it is 6 inches off. We contacted the contractor and he brought the roofer back out to see the problem. They are now trying to say the problem is "fixable" by reshingling 8 runs from the top. Please help!! Will removing only 8 runs on a 32 square foot home really fix the problem?

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Your roof may be out of square. Has your husband checked that? To do so, measure from the bottom right corner to the top left and from the bottom left to the top right. The measurements should be the same. The distance they are off is how far out of square your roof is. If so, your shingles will have to disguise it. Replacing the last 8 rows may do the trick.

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