What I've learned, since I have pitched camp here

TinmantuSeptember 30, 2003

That I am not the only person that is carrying battle scars(even though there were moments where I thought I was unique) that have made me leary of getting into another relationship....it makes this site, that much more important because if we can't talk here, then where do we?...browntoes, I know we got off on the wrong foot, (pun intended) but you did good, by getting things going....now lets keep it going, folks

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I agree - most all of us have baggage and scars from former relationships, and for we "oldies", we either remain alone or take chances and get more scars. Where do older women and men go to meet honest and descent men?

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You two are right - we all are carrying scars - mine need time to heal. This is so cliche, but I'm just trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do.

I know there are plenty of decent men out there because I've known so many. Don't give up Kay. Stay open to the possibilities!

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Since this thread was started, I have found the salve for my wounds/battle scars, and I am skinny-dipping in it daily!!!

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Is it all right to list my accomplishments? I'm hesitant to do that because I don't want to be obnoxious and brag. How about I just say that I surprised myself and I feel good!

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by all means, puddlejumper....speak up....one can tell bragging from gushing with happiness

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Puddlejumper, PLEASE - I love an accomplished person. Tell us whatever you care to share - we will be proud as punch that someone in our little group had done themselves proud! You just might be my next inspiration! Feel free to gush OR brag. If I had any great accomplishments in MY life other than my kids, I would surely tell you about them, given the opportunity! I can't play music, except on the stereo,can't sing, can't swim, can't run a company, but MAN, I CAN dance!

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