How to Remove Graphite Pencil from Fabric?

dragonflyspitJune 22, 2008

I marked the wrong side of my fabric with a graphite fabric marking pencil, then ended up using that side for the right side. I expected the pencil to wash out easily, but it didn't. My pants look like a graffiti wall. Help?

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I don't know specifially if this works for graphite but I have found ammonia works well to get out some stuborn stains. You put stained area over a bowl/sink and drip/pour, scrub a bit, what ever it takes. I treated a white shirt with mustard stains like this. If you try some spray and wash in washer or whatever kind not dry in dryer, that will set stain, only drip dry until you know stain is out. For rust stains use salt and lemon juice.

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I use a stain stick on graphite and it's worked every time for me.


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Would a fabric eraser work? (I just found one when I went through my sewing basket - I'd forgotten I had it!)


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I've always used a bar of Ivory soap on stains. Wet the stain and rub some Ivory on the stain. Scrub it in a little. That's it, you can wash right away or wait. The soap won't hurt the item even if it dries on it. Actually, I think it works better if it sits a while. It's especially good on grease stains, but usually works on most any stain.


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I wish I would have checked back in before I last went to town. The only item I had on hand was the stain stick , so I used it (all of it! LOL). I rubbed it in the best I could and washed the garment again. The stain is much lighter, but it's still there. Maybe it will come out with another try; one of your other suggestions, or a few more washes.

This is just amazing to me because the pencil is MADE for fabric, and the label doesn't warn that it might be hard to get out. Besides, when I was a kid we used to write on our jeans with pencil, and I'm pretty sure it came out in the wash. I'm just flabbergasted.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I'm confident it will come out with one or two more treatments.

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I have heard of a fabric eraser but couldn't find anything on the web. What is it; who makes it, and where can I find one?

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I've been sewing off and on for a number of years - mine says "Fabric Eraser by EZ International" on it. I've used it to get pencil marks off my kids' clothes. Who knows, maybe it wasn't a big seller and they pulled it off the market? I've probably got a few of those kinds of things hanging about in my sewing cabinet and caddy. (smile)

Nancy's Notions, maybe??? My mom (who sews) got me a bunch of stuff one year from NN.


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I called Wal-Mart and the guy says they just started carrying fabric erasers a few months ago. He says they are near the laundry soap and they work great -- even on non-laundry items. He couldn't say enough good things about them. Go figure. I've put it on my list. Thanks!

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