HELP Spoon Stuck!

newbieoneOctober 4, 2006

in garbage disposal..the blades are turning inside but handle stuck under them...any ideas how to get spoon out without taking disposal apart?????

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What you are calling the blades are not really blades, they are slingers.

The slingers are mounted on a pin so they can rotate freely. During normal operation centrifical force holds the bladea outward and as material is dropped into the disposal they sling the material to the outer wall of the disposal where is passes down between the outer edge of the rotating wheel and the inner wall of the disposal houseing. The grinder teeth are actually on the outer edge of that rotating wheel.

Step one is to locate the power cord on the bottom of the disposal and locate the plug where it is plugged it, then pull the plug to make sure it cannot try to operate while your working on it.

You can then reach down in the disposal with a pair of needle nose pliers and grip the spoon and try to pry it back and forth until it comes loose.

If that won't work examine the slinger closely and you will see the rotation pin on one end. (It would be the inner end when the slinger is pointing straight outward. Use a samll hammer or other solid object to tap the free end of the slinger so it will rotate and release the spoon.

Once you get the spoon released, lift it out, plug the disposal in and test run it.

If it doesn't turn when you switch it on look on the underside of the disposal motor and you will see a small reset button. Push the button upwards and you will feel a click then the disposal should be set to go again.

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