Appliances arrive Tuesday, help me pick a kitchen color!

pranagirlJuly 27, 2014


We just bought our first house and would like to paint the kitchen before appliances arrive on Tuesday. Attached is a picture of the existing red, white, and blue kitchen. We plan to paint the cabinetry one solid color (eventually will replace the counter and cabinets and remodel the room).

I just can't settle on a color. I had been thinking a yellowish gold color. Most of the day there is not this much light coming in and when it's even a little overcast the room gets pretty dark. I'd like to have a color that will brighten the room and that will work with the greyish counter top and oak floors. Cabinets will be painted some off-white color...depending on what color we choose for the walls.


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Here is another pic of the kitchen.

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What color appliances did you buy?

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They are all stainless steel appliances.

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I like a soft blue, like BM Wythe Blue, Yarmouth Blue, Wedgewood Gray, Woodland Blue (?), or even Healing Aloe, Quietude.
Or gray?

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Be sure to paint a coat of stain blocking primer like zinzner 123 or kilz over the current color before painting the walls. Otherwise the red will be visible through the new color.

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Ooo. I really like the green-blue and cream, and that's the color we plan to paint our living room. Would it be too much to have to rooms, although not connected, with very similar colors?

And yes, Zinzer is going on right now. Got that tip from friends that learned the hard way. ;)

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I always tint my KILZ to match my paint. It gives you an idea of what the actual paint will look like and I find it more satisfying for coverage. I like the Greta and greens if your keeping the countertop and painting the cabinets white.

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