Akward Layout Fix II

JerryNCMay 29, 2013

This is 2nd post regarding a minor remodel of our kitchen with a terrible layout. Really been a roller coaster as extra costs for other repairs in the house has put the kitchen plans all over the map. Got the recent good news that what we had thought was a bearing wall was not so it can come down. I checked out laminate countertops from Wilsonart and Formica at Lowes and was surprised at the quality. I was also surprised at how much u can save if you have your own carpenter/contractor install. 63 square feet for less than $600 materials, compared to a nearly $2000 turnkey job from Lowes. ($29 per square)

My question is where to place 2 pantry cabinet units of 18 inches wide each. I had originally placed them by the fridge, but would a 36 inch base and wall units go better there moving them to the back wall. The plan is now to add a 36 inch coat closet on that back wall.

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different angle

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Sophie Wheeler

The pantry cabinets are fine where they are. (I'd explore doing a plain corner drywall pantry though as it will provide more space and be much cheaper than your cabinet pantry.) However, the fridge needs to be move to the end of the run, then scoot the range over. Does the main sink go under the window? It's hard to tell in your rendering. Only a prep sink needs to occupy the island (off centered towards the fridge end) or everything you do will be cramped and walking over another helper in the kitchen.

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if that fridge is the style match to what you plan I'd move it to the right and have 27in of counter to the right/enclose the fridge with side panels and deeper above fridge cabinet to make it look decent. This will give you a chance to use the 27 inches to the right of fridge for a microwave installed in a wall cabinet at 18 in depth-perfect use of that depth next to fridge:then you'll have expanded space between range and fridge and chance for a wall mounted hood of some sort.I recall your wife requested the large black protruding fridge-you gotta do stuff around it to make it not look like the 80's.

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These are all existing cabinets, just trying to make the best use of them.
The sink will not be exactly centered under window. swapping d/w and a base cabinet to put garbage and recycle in the 18 inch base to right of sink base, also some definition between prep and clean areas.
I am not following the 27 inches. Lazy susan is in the corner with a 36 inch counter, my options are then 12 inch base, 15 inch base or 18 inch base then stove. I chose the 12 to use a 24 wall above, then 2 15 inch base units before the fridge and then the 36 inch base to right of fridge. The 30 inch upper and 36 inch upper cabinets gives me symmetry on that wall that missing elsewhere.

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In the theme of reusing, the base for the island is two 18 inch drawer base with a 24 inch wall in between to get a 6 foot length. Countertop will extend 18 inches more for eating, The rendering is 24 inches,. Final size 3 foot x 6 foot.

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the symmetry is irrelevant-the fridge dominates-it's the main thing you notice positioned as is, upon entry and seated at the island/etc.Most individuals would tend to this aesthetic during a renovation-if you don't mind,well okay then.

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I would maximize the space between your stove and fridge. If you don't want to move the fridge to the end of the run, you could swap the two 15 inch cabinets for the 36 inch one. The 36 inch cabinet would also be better for storing pots and pans. It was helpful to me to figure out where I wanted to store everything and how much space I needed.

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I had been trying to keep the fridge closer to the sink to stay within work triangle limits, but putting it at the end would provide more workspace.

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I would move the fridge to the end. If not, I can't see the space from the fridge to the end as being useful.

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Is that a side-by-side? Then that counterspace to the right will not be useful. Agree that you should move it to the right.
I can't see your sink - is that just me?

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I would move the refrigerator to the right as you have shown it in the last picture. You could easily build a wall 25 inches deep or so to cover the side of the fridge.

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Would moving the range over and reducing the cabinets between the fridge and range to 36 be an improvement? Would mean swapping 18 base for 15 and two 12 walls for a 15 wall.

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Remodeling on a budget is all about compromise. Turns out we could reuse our countertops with a few tweaks. This means the final layout will leave the tall cabinets separated like the currently are, but will add allow for a slightly larger, 42 vs 36 wide pantry. Yea, I went back to mw over the range. Have 36 inch countertop between range and fridge.

For the island base, a 12, 15 and 18 inch base facing the range, plus two 24 inch walls mounted facing out. A 14 inch overhang will allow 2 stools for eating stretching to island to just over 3 foot by 6 foot. Will probably go with butcher-block countertop.

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Remodel is underway. Take out food and lots of dust.

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different view

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New broom closet/pantry

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