New interior door has 'play' when closed...

tdub4October 9, 2010

We had a new door put in to a jam to replace two 1/2 doors. In other words, the opening is 32" and we had two 16" doors previously and went to one 32" door. When I installed the hardware and closed the door, I noticed that there is a gap between the closed door and the molding on the side of the door that would be the outside. So, when closed, you can grasp the door handle and rattle the door while it is latched (make sense??).

So, is this as simple as needing to move the door latch closer to the jam so that the door closes more....or is it something more?

This was part of a larger remodel and had a contractor prep the door jam and put in the new door.

Thanks in advance

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If you can please post some pictures. The gaps around the door will tell what needs to be accomplished to adjust the door.

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Move the strike, or move the stop.

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New door strike plates are perforated so you can adjust the tightness without moving them. There's a little slot in the inward-pointing "tongue" of the plate; if you bend this toward the latch, you can take out approx. 1/16" of play. You bend it too far and the latch will stick.
Maybe worth a try before moving the strike.
You can also add silicone bumpers along the stop face to prevent rattles.

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'zactly what Mr. Casey wrote.

See the tab bent at a 90 degrees in the hole that the door latch goes into? Bend the little tab back out into the latch hole so it projects more into the hole.

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Depending on the amount of play, it might be a combo of both adjusting the strike and replacing the stop trim.

If you carefully remove the stop trim and close the door you will also see if the door is plumb in the opening.

But if you paid a contractor to install it, I don't understand why (s)he isn't fixing it for you. Doors shouldn't rattle when closed. (says the guy with a couple of rattle doors, I'll get around to it someday, right?)

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Thanks for all the feedback. I added the bumpers to keep the door from moving for now. Will try to move the tongue inside the latch to see if that helps.

As far as having the contractor fix it....I will if this is not an easy fix. I just had them leave it as is (with no hardware) 'cause we had to paint and pick out the hardware. So I did that and just installed the hw myself.

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Move the strike plate. The contractor would have done that till it was right if he had installed the hardware.

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