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GardenGhostAugust 14, 2002

Ok, so is the party over?? Just when I get here, there's no one here! I wanted to find some friends who do scrapbooking. Maybe we could even trade some supplies. I know some of you may not live near a scrapbooking store or Walmart. And I have tons of papers and a few stickers and cutouts, etc. I REALLY would like to find someone nearby who could actually come over this winter and scrapbook with me. Now that would be fun! We could have a scrapbooking party! Come on over!

How bout we start with introductions? Since I'm new here, you each can stand up, state your name and tell me a little about you. I'll go first.

I'm Casper, your friendly Garden Ghost, aka NancyAnn, single mom of an 18 yr old son who recently moved out. My son is an aspiring musician and can play any instrument you put in his hands. He's never had any instruction. He just hears something and he can play it on the piano or the guitar. He can also sing pretty well, altho I'd rather just hear him play the piano. LOL

I'm also single mom to a 4 yr old white collie who is my constant companion. He's very well behaved, lovable, and loyal. He trots along in the gardens with me and is careful to stay on the stepping stones. He doesn't crush my flowers or dig them up. Occasionally, some new flower will pop up and I'll scream, "Sam, come quick! Come see!" And he'll trot over to see where I'm pointing. He'll look at it a minute and then at me and wag his tail, probably much like a husband would who is not really interested, but just humoring me. LOL

I'm a gardening fanatic and have landscaped my entire yard in 2 yrs. No grass was my goal from the beginning. I have modified that tho, and I now have ornamental grasses. I stay at home and look after my mom who had a stroke last year and I garden, garden, garden. I plan to open a garden center in the spring and sell some of the plants I grow from seed and some of the others which have multiplied abundantly. I love introducing people around here to new plants. And they think most of my plants are unusual.

I scrapbook in the winter and research the plants I plan to grow in the spring. My life primarily centers around gardening, so I'm pretty boring to most people. I don't go anywhere or do anythign, unless it is garden-related. I love just staying home and "painting" my landscape with unusual plants. One day, I do plan to sit on my porch actually paint my gardens on canvas. For now, I'm still doing the physical labor. And I document all that in my gardening scrapbooks.

So that's me. Who are you? What are you about? :-)


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I'll go next...
I am a SAHM of 3 young kiddos...Matt-7, Rachel-6, Kailey-3. I volunteer at their schools alot (which will be starting soon). I have been married for 8 years, 9 in October.
I love to scrapbook but I very rarely do it at home. Inbetween cleaning and chasing after my 3 it leaves me no time. I love to go to scraps and I have a special cm rep that I go to at least once a month. I am working on my 2002 album and I'm just starting my Easter pages. I have albums for 1998 and 1999 combined, 2000, 2001 and 2002 is in progress. I'm going to purchase some new albums later this month and start on my kids albums. I'm only going to put pictures of their school activities and birthdays in this album. A few of my friends don't agree with me on this but too bad. :) I think they think is should only be school. I think birthdays are fun and I want my kids to remember those special times. Happy scrapping, Jewels

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