Sewing / Strengthening edge of fabric for Grommets.

ladyamityJune 25, 2008


My usual hangout is the Decorating Forum here at GW and as much as this is decorating (and function) related I think I need the help of sewing gurus so here I am.

I have an uncovered breezeway between the sunroom and garage.

Here in S. Calif. we just had a few days of extremely hot weather with more on the way, usually the hottest being August and Sept.

This year I didn't want to lose all my plants that are in containers in that breezeway and I alway wanted to cut down the heat from that direct sun that filters into the sunroom door.

So I bought some Sunbrella fabric, some Rain-No-Stain liner and a Grommet Kit.

My thought is to make a long, narrow canapy and hang it from sunroom eave to garage eave using screw-in hooks and grommets.

I've got the plan down pat. Executing it is another thing all together. LOL

When I sew the seams along the length of the fabric (for the length of the breezeway), I know to double it over to give it some thickness for the grommets to attach.

Should I be putting something else in between the fold of the fabric to give it more thickness/stabilize it for the grommets?

Gosh, I hope this is making sense as I don't articulate very well in real life and explainations in type are even worse.

I've recently seen the triangle decorative tarps for this purpose but none come in the size I would need and anyway, I already have the fabric, liner and grommet kit (almost an inch circle grommet with smaller hole in middle).

Maybe someone here can direct me to a site with instructions for one of these grommet canopies?

Thank you so very much for any help you can give.


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Hi: Your sunbrella fabric is quite strong on its own. If you doubled it I would think that should be enough. If you wanted you could cut a small square a little larger than the grommet to help re-enforce it. But make sure that it doesn't become to thick for the grommet. I would test it all on a scrap piece first.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Bonnie,

Thank you for your response----much appreciated!
I didn't even think about the thickness of fabric for the grommet-again thank you!

OK, I'll do a couple test pieces first because after you mentioned the thickness for the grommets to be able to attach, I thought about the Rain-No-Stain lining that I'm adding.

Hopefully I'll have some pics in a couple of weekends and I'll be sure to post them.

Again, Thank you so much!

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I agree, the Sunbrella should be sturdy enough. Typically Drapery Buckram or sometimes called Crinoline can be placed inbetween the folds of the fabric for stability. I suggest sewing the buckram, lining and top Sunbrella fabric with a pillowcased edge, right sides together. Turn inside out, iron the seam allowance up so that some of the face fabric is showing on the back top edge and place your gromments in the new header. No bulk, stable top header, perfect grommets!

Good Luck! Maggie

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Wow, I came back here to print out the great information on the Scissors/Shears thread and I find another response to my post---Thank you so much!

I just had to look up 'Buckram' but now that I know what it is, I'm soooo excited because there are a few other things I'm going to be making that will call for a 'stiffening' or adding some firmness to the fabric and I was already stressing about what to use.

Again, Thank you so very much!!!

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Know this is a little late, just wondering how your project turned out?

Did a similar project for my son using the sunbrella and using the pillow case hem with interfacing at both ends.
3" at top and 4" at bottom.

But I used buttonholes instead of grommets, Chicken..

What type of grommets did you use?

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