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pams65August 5, 2004

Hi! I have "dabbled" in scrapbooks for a few years but I have a few questions that are holding me back right now. You all seem to be so helpful...hoping to get some help from you. Here are my do you make nice neat edges(mats?) around your cropped photos? My free-hand cutting is not so great(and I'm very fussy about neatness!).Also, I love the look of those Quickcutz letters but who can afford those die-cut alphabet sets??? Not me!!! Is there a less expensive option other than tracing and cutting with a scissors? What about the COLUZZAL alphabet templates? Thankyou so much for any ideas. I will appreciate ANY/ALL help you can give!

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To crop & mat my photos, I used a full size paper cutter. I cut my photo to the desired size, then adhere it to my backing paper with just the amount of edging I want to show. I would adhere it to the corner of the paper so you'll have 2 full sides matted. Then with my paper cutter, I'd cut the additional 2 sides off. Hope that makes sense. As long as you have a fairly good eye, you can get a nice even matting and with the paper cutter, the lines will be nice and straight.

And for circular photos & matting, I use the Creeative Memories cutting system.

As for Quickutz letters, the only alternative I can think of that would be easy are sticker letters. They come in all sizes and shapes. I use them quite a bit. I just bought the Quickutz and love it, but your right, it's expensive. I have found that the prices are much less online than in stores though. I got my alphabet (only have one right now) on ebay and it wasnt near as much as in the stores. I'm not familiar with Coluzzal alphabet templates. I imagine you still need to cut it out and no matter what way you do that (scissors or blades), it's still a pain.

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