How to decide and enjoy it!

lazy_gardensMay 22, 2013

Interesting study on satisfaction that seems relevant:

"the best way to feel better about the one choice we do make may be to put up a literal barrier to any of the other choices." In the study, they put a lid on the box of chocolates.

In interior design ... STOP LOOKING. Stay out of the tile stores, stop looking at HOUZZ and get all but the chosen sample out of your sight.

Kick back and enjoy the way the light bounces off your travertine backsplash and stop tormenting yourself wondering what it would be like if you had splurged on the laser-cut marble paisley.

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Some time ago someone posted a piece about how many of us conglomerate the passed-up choices into an "if-only" memory of imaginary perfection that the actual stone, cabinetry, or whatever that we chose has to fall short of.

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This is such good advice! I'm in the throws of analysis paralysis and I HAVE TO STOP!

I have to put the lid on the box of chocolates:)

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I can not WAIT until I get to the point that I can close the box of chocolates. I'm not the most decisive person by nature and have the self-defeating tendency to LIKE flooding myself with options.

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So true! Thank you for such a great advice.

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Luckily, I'm happy with all my big decisions, materials, appliances etc. but I do dwell on some of the smallest details, like "Should I have placed my pulls a half inch lower/higher on the doors?" Or "should my hood have been an inch or two lower/wider?" Nothing I can change now, I need to get over it and enjoy!!

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robo (z6a)

I have been shopping along the way for finishes and for me it is a huge relief to have a decision done and made. Once I chose pendants, I never opened up the lighting store webpages again. I like browsing, or at least I really feel compelled to browse every possible option in my budget and get the best choice (according to me, at the time) but I LOVE having it done and out of the way and tend not to look back. So I guess I do institute a mental barrier after the choice is made.

Ever notice that happen after house hunting too? The grass is greener -- until the contract is signed.

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Good article. I'm good at finalizing decisions but DH is not. He is not indecisive but always thinks there must be a better choice out there than the one he made. I don't know that he's ever had an "it's perfect!" moment in his life [except when he met me, heh heh].

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Holly- Kay

I agonize over most decisions, but once it is made I am happy with it. I have always wanted a white kitchen but I saw this beautiful wheaten maple and the white kitchen went right out the window and I am very at peace with that decision.

My faucet was picked as soon as I saw it and I am so happy with that decision though I did agonize over which finish I wanted it in, but when I got the faucet I knew it was the right one for me.

The hardwood was one I had quoted about a year ago. I went with the same wood but in a different finish that would look better with my cabinets. I made that decision in minutes.

The hard decision was the appliances and which finish to go with. I went back and forth for weeks and weeks over that choice, and choosing the hardware took almost five weeks but I love what I picked.

I knew the pendants I wanted as soon as I saw them but I am still trying to talk myself into the chandelier that I love because it is crystal too and I know it will take a lot to clean it.

The only thing left to choose is my backsplash and I am in no hurry to do that because I am in decision overload.

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