Gutter - Spikes coming off

dc_boyOctober 29, 2008


I noticed that the gutter on the second floor is loose and hanging. The contrator who happened to be in the area told me that the gutter needs to be resecured using hidden hanger and it would cost me $ 280. I thought $280 was little too high and am thinking of getting handyman to come and tap the spikes.

Does the gutter really need to resecured using hidden hangers or just tapping spikes back would do the trick ?

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The way I see it you have a couple of choices---1. tap them back in again and again and again or ---2. use the new brackets with screws and forget them.
Spikes/nails are going to work themselves loose, that is their job, in addition to holding up the gutter temporarily.

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No idea what a fair price would be for the hidden hangers, but my guess is that he's concerned that the nails will just pull out again if he taps them back in. It could be that the fascia board they're nailed into is rotted and won't hold any fastener well.

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You can replace the spikes with screw in spikes.

Even home depot has them.

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