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Maggie4June 8, 2008

I'm thinking of buying a serger. What brand and model do you have. What don't you like about it? What do you like and use it for and are they hard to learn to use? I have been sewing for over 40 yrs. I don't need a complicated one thinking of four thread one. Some have six but I think that might be intimidating.


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I have a Brother 4-thread serger that continues to be easy to use, trouble free. Often a new serger will come to you already threaded and you have only to tie on thread from new cones. Yes....that is nice 'cause threading sergers are not always too easy. But, you should learn to thread your serger from start to finish and practice doing it successfully several times.

If you can take some serger lessons at a local machine/quilt/fabric store you will feel more at ease with the machine and learn some of the many things possible with a serger. One of these days I hope to find a place nearby to take lessons - or get a good book.

I use my machine for overcast finishing tablecloths and napkins, sewing up pillowcases to sell, and finishing off the seams of my fashion sewing projects.

You don't have to spend tons of money to get a good serger. Mine was $250 online with free shipping and my first project paid for the machine.

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I have the brother 3034D,just got this one a couple months ago.Before this one i had a white 534D for 25 years.Both are/have been great machines.I do a lot of sewing for the GK's and myself and also home dec stuff.I use mine for practically everything i sew,except quilts.I paid 400.00 for my new Brother at the dealers,i also get free lessons if i need or want them.

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I can't remember the brand I have but I have had a three thread and now a four thread, I love it. I was like you I sewed years with out one but once I bought and used my first one I swore I would never be with out a serger. I bought mine from QVC, it came with a helpful video. You will be tempted to sew as fast as it will go but don't it really throws the timing off. I use it on everything, it is great for things that ravel easy like denim. Makes everything look a professional finish. Buy one you'll love it.

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If you are looking for an easy machine to thread look at the babylock Imagine. I have one and I love it. It threads itself with swoosh of air and is very very easy to do. It has a great stitch and a really good rolled hem. You can also buy additional feet for different things.


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I just bought a Babylock Proline BL450 but Nancy notions has the identical machine for 100 cheaper with free shipping for 249.00 So far I love it. Its a 4 thread .


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Thanks for all the inputs. I am looking but I still have a couple of questions.
Do they work good on heavy fabrics as well as light weights. I love the fleece but I also will use denim. How often do you replace the knifes. Do you have to adjust the tention like you do on sewing machines? Self threading sounds like a winner to me.
Anymore info will be welcomed.

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Fabrics weights depend on your serger. I had a model that would not sew lightweight without jamming. Even the repair shop said it was the machine. The one I have now (white 1634) sews everything just fine... as long as I remember to adjust the tension.

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