cleaning out the closet

anettemartinrnSeptember 17, 2008

Just wondering for those of you who have lost your s/o to death, when did you start cleaning out his/her closet? My dh passed just over a month ago, and I havent started that project yet.


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I started about 2 months after Gary passed away. My three sons took all his clothes, which made me feel good. I sold our home 6 months after his death - just couldn't stand to rattle around in that big old house we shared our love in. I retired 10 months after he passed away. A year and a half later, I have relocated to NW Florida and am much happier than I was in the Midwest - the only thing I would change would be that Gary could be here to enjoy retirement with me.

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I had no trouble cleaning out the closets and I think it was because my husband had no interest in what he wore as long as his body was covered! I have still not cleaned out his office which is where he kept things important to him. His diplomas, awards, greeting cards and letters etc. I think it is best to start with things that were not so important to your husband. I called the Knights of Columbus which my husband belonged to and they picked up all of his clothes to donate to a men's shelter. I felt good about that.
Take your time and do things as you feel able. There is no time table. Good luck to you. Satine

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You will know when it's time.

I'm not experienced in this area, but remember reading a touching article about it, where one woman kept her husband's closet as is, and would walk in and close the door and sense/smell her husband through his clothing, feel his sweaters, and she did this for about a year, until she felt she was strong enough to go forward in her life without his things being there.

Healing is progressive.

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