Ice dams on roof in winter

gardenandcatsOctober 26, 2011

Last winter we had major ice dams on the roof causing alot of leaking ruined all the ceilings. water stained ect. Insurance paid and we had all ceilings repaired mainly just needed painting.

But we have not fixed what caused the ice dams. We have been told the cause is insulation in the attic is not sufficient and is causing heat to escape and melting the snow on the roof then refreezing.

So we have been told to DIY as thats all we can afford. Insurance man told hubby to go up and into the attic Truss roof. And see whats going on at the edges of the roof. Either insulation is not over far enough or has slipped over to far..

The queastion is do we replace the insulation or lay more over the old? Thats if the old is not at all moldy?

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Add the baffles at the eaves to allow proper ventilation and then remove any insulation that is grody. Then you can just roll out new batts on top of what's there. Or, you can blow in loose cellulose or fiberglass. Most places rent the blowers fairly cheaply or free if you buy the insulation from them. It's messy, but it's well within the skillset of any DIYer.

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