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angelasewsJune 19, 2014

I purchased a $98 janome from them and haven't received it they just sent 2 messages that eBay will tell you when it's shipped Off of eBay. Had a positive rating but something is fishy here. There is the main internet site that is connected with this eBay person. How could I have been so stupid!!! There isn't even a phone # that someone will pick up and talk to you. I know that place is scamming and I'm contacting eBay and BBB in Florida. Just wanted a good machine for my 14 year old daughter to sew on. Any suggestions? I have a Bernina and I'm not letting her take that to class. I thought about another purchase off of eBay but now I'm a scared chicken,

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How long ago did you purchase the machine?

It's not clear from your post, did you purchase it on Ebay or some place else? The fact that the store sells things on Ebay doesn't make it unreliable.

There are no recent reviews of the site on Pattern,, but the last one posted was favorable.

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Walmart, Target and JoAnn's all have basic sewing machines that are not very expensive.

You could also try I bought a Brother machine from them a couple of years ago and I got exceptional service and love the machine.

If you paid for the eBay machine via PayPal or credit card, you should be able to dispute the charge and have it reversed.


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560 Solutions Way
Rockledge, Florida 32955

Tel. # 321 639 4536

Hope this resolves your problem.

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Contact your credit card company. Explain what happened.

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Sounds like they sell the machines and they ship from somewhere else. That would possibly take longer. Good luck I hope it comes in soon.

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