what-cha-all up to?

joulesR4meSeptember 10, 2005

Hi there ... thought I was lost huh? Somehow my membership got messed up - I couldn't figure out how to rejoin - then, all the sudden, I can get back in (w/o doing nuthin). ????? Oh well, it's working for now so I thought I'd say "hi" and see what you're all up to? Seems like the only post that's taken hold is the coffee thread.....

I'm still at the space center - but getting ready to take a new job - working with the robotic arm. Not a whole lot more cash but, if we ever launch again, I will get to sit at a console for launch. That's one thing I've never done. Oh, and I get my own office and am able to telecommute!!!

I'm still in school --- shooting for application to med school in 2008. That seems like a loooooong time away, but there's lots to be done by then. I spent the summer volunteering at the hospital ER. Man - I loved it! I am concentrating on being a trauma/burn surgeon --- but there's probably little change that I, at my advanced age, would ever get a surgery position (if even getting into med school). But it's sure given me new-found-energy!

That's bout it ... hope you all are doing fine!

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Hey, Joules. First, I have to comment that being a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon about covers all the bases, huh? I'm glad you're back. I have no idea where everyone else might have gone. My comments on coffee may have run them off. I hope not. It seems you have some great goals set for yourself and I'm sure everyone wishes you well. Sitting at a NASA control panel would be a dream come true for most of us interested in space. I'm glad you're getting your chance. I worry about the large shuttle arm. Of all things on board I'd say that could really create some serious problems. Regards, Gene

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Well Gene --- though you say your coffee pursuits may have scared everyone away - it seems to be the only thread that got anyone's attention!

I have started to make my own coffee --- but just to save the cash! It's got to be cheaper than $1.00 a cup (16oz) if I make it at home, right? Course, after I bought the cheapest maker in town (maybe $29 for a Braun w/britta filter) and a thermal mug @ $8 and the flavored creamer, who knows? I bought some Folgers cause it was on sale. Just okay. I end up putting in so much creamer that it's probably about 1 gazillion calories and more than $1/cup. Sigh.

On the shuttle arm - it's received rave reviews - especially the new "boom" with the damage detection sensors. I took a lot of robotics in my senior yr of engineering --- back when it was mostly manual!!! Ha - won't be of much help today. But, the telecomuting definately perked my interest. It will allow me to take some pre-med classes at the university now!

How's the Miata? I used to have a prelude. Loved running around in it --- but much too small for my x-large dog crate these days. I'm on the other end of the spectrum now, driving a huge-mungus Armada. Impulse purchase that I dream of getting out from under. Sigh again.

Have a good weekend all .... I have a lot of homework to catch up on - but I'm gonna get some shopping in sometime!

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I just rented "SpiderMan II" which has robotic arms as the bad guys. Fun flick. Then I saw a TV show last night with robotic arms playing instruments. Looked cool, but the music itself was synthesized muzak. Would have been the same without the arms to watch, but staring at a synthesizer show wouldn't sell many tickets. Just chewing the fat joules, not dissing robotic arms! :-)

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Hey l-pinkmountain --- chew away. I have no personal attachment to "robotic arms"! Some are pretty handy and some are real works of achievement - but I haven't been involved in any design or goals utilizing them. Just a place to work for the next few years - and I'll support the company's goals/needs as I would support any program that I work for. Course, some programs would be easier to support --- like Ben & Jerry's!

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