Which Would You Suggest??

homemadecountrylifeAugust 4, 2006

Hello Everyone,

I'm new,here, to your group and the world of scrapbooking.

I have been scrapbooking for 2 months and I want to move up from simple cuttings and images to using a machine to "jazz" up my layouts.

I have been looking at the Cricut and Xyron Wishblade machines and I would like to know who uses what and why they either like or dislike them. Which has way too many unessessary things/components and who has the most exspensive accessories. And do you even use it/them as much as you thought?

Basically I need some more info, views and opinions to make a better informed decision before buying.

Thank you for any help!


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Sorry I can't help. Can't afford the kind of machines you are looking into. Good luck, though - sounds like fun!

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Hi Barb :)
I can't afford them either, but I would like to know because I got some insider info that my JoAnn Fabric will have a 50% off coupon in the mail,soon. So I'd like to use it wisely since they rarely have a 50% off coupon. In the end it really does come down to the price of it all, too.
Maybe in the end, I really don't need one at all :)
Thank you for posting, this forum is quiet :)

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I have the wishblade and absolutely love it. I only use it for cutting letters, but you can also cut die cut shapes as well. The Wishblade Advanced allows you the ability to use any true type font you have on your c
omputer (and you can download tons of free fonts online too). The Cricut, you have to buy font cartridges so you are limited to the fonts they offer.

The Cricut is portable, whereas the Wishblade has to hook to a computer so unless you have a laptop, it's not really all that portable.

The wishblade is more expensive, but I think being able to use any font on your computer makes it worthwhile.

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Being able to cut out any font on your computer would be so wonderful! Sigh!

Amanda - I wish more people would post, too!!

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Good Morning Steph and Barb,

I'm sorry I didn't post sooner, it was so quiet here I didn't check until Sunday evening. I meant to post sooner but I've been getting ready for our daughters first birthday :)
Wow, so the Wishblade is something I should look at harder. Because all I really want to do is cut out fonts and and every now and then a clip art or two. But mostly I want the font cutting abilities.
The Cricut sounds exspensive. I'm really looking for just one initial investment and no fancy accessories. I couldn't afford to buy the Cricut cartridges all the time.
Steph thank you for your helpfull information. I apologize for not posting sooner to thank you.
Barb, I'd love to cut out any font too. But I may not be able to afford it either :) It kinda looks that way.
Thank you Ladies for your time and help. I really appriciate it very much!
~ Amanda

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Welcome to the wonderful world of scrapbooking! My suggestion for you is to go to a store that carries one or both of these machines and try it out. It's a lot of money to put out for an item and it's worth the extra time to try them out so you can actually see how they work and how easy or difficult they are to use. Good luck!

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Hello Sue,
I am enjoying my scrapooking very much and I'm glad I decided to give it a try, after much urging from my mom and best friend :)
I would love to see a demo of these machines but I have been unfortunate in my search. I have seen a two minute demo on the Cricut but was dissapointed in the small amount of info given by the instructor. She couldn't even get it to work for a while. So I don't count that demo :)
And as for the Wishblade, we don't even have a single Wishblade machine in town to see.
That is why I was asking what do they do and is one "better" then the other in the font department (my only criteria, really).
Do you have one of these? Do you like it? Was it worth the investment? I kinda waffle back and forth... I hate the cost of one, yet I'd like to bring my scrapbook pages out of the "stone age" :)
Thank you for any help.

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Amanda -
Happy Birthday to your litle one!!


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Good Evening Barb :)

Wow, that is the Cutest animated birthday greting I've ever seen!I Love it! Thank you on behalf of my little girl, Rheanna. She's our first baby and it's been fun planning her party.
I was wondering, how do you insert an animated greeting?
Have a nice evening and a relaxing weekend :)

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