okay...wake up everyone

vala55September 13, 2011

Did you hear that?????????????

How is your life going, mine is fine. I reformatted my PC so I have spent 3 leisurely days setting it back up again. Lots of fun. I know people think I am crazy to do that, but I had a problem caused by an update and couldn't fix it. After I reformatted I set the settings not to update, but I think Secunia turned it on and managed to get 19 updates installed before I stopped it. So the problem came back. Then I uninstalled all of the updates I could and Secunia, problem solved. Now I have it set to NEVER! When I upgraded my IE to 9 it warned me it had to update and I thought, Oh no here we go again. But they only put what they needed to upgrade to 9 which was 3. Now I check a couple times a day to make sure nothing changes the settings. Anyway I enjoyed every bit of the experience. Shhhh, don't tell the people in the help forum about the NEVER.

Anyway I hope you are all well and happy. Oh, want to tell you about my experience in a local pizza parlor. There were so many men in there, 85% of the customers were well dressed men. I told the owner, "Wow all those men and I am so da** old". He had a good belly laugh over the and grins at me every time I come in.

What did you say...nah, I'm not bored, not me!

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It sounds like you'd better get a job at that Pizza Hut!

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Nah, I am happy with my status in life. Had my chance, passed on it.

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Hi Singles !

My only complaint these days is that summer has ended. WAH !

I live in a condominium and have frequently regretted giving up my house with the big yard. Yep, the same yard that I complained about having to take care of so much. But last spring I found a community garden and it has made a huge difference in my life. It's on a five-acre parcel of land owned by a Presbyterian church. My plot is 25' x 25' and it only costs me $25 a year! I'm getting two next year. I've made a lot of new friends with the common interest in gardening, and now I'm serving on their board. We celebrated the harvest in a big way, and I've done a good bit of canning in the past month. In my jars is only good food -- no preservatives or added colors.

Funny, but after having had a pretty good career and enjoying being the quintessential career woman, I am loving the domesticity of my life. You know which one has given me the most pleasure and the greatest sense of accomplishment (aside from children, of course)? Getting dirt under my fingernails !

So, with summer's end, I'm in a state of light-hearted mourning now. But it's on to the holidays and seed catalogs until March.

I have visited this site several times over the past few months, but noticed no activity. So thank you for your "wake up" message.

Asolo: How is your Mother? Kay: What's going on with you? Everyone: Let's get together more often.


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I just changed my sad thoughts about summer ending into some happier thoughts: I have always envied people who know how to bake because I can do only the basics like some cookies and a few desserts. Sooo, I'm headed to the book store for a good cookbook, and on to the grocery for some flour and yeast. IMHO, not many things can compete with the smell of fresh bread baking.

Now is that a good project for winter, or what!

Hey Singles -- do you have a special indoors project for winter? Something you've maybe put on your "to do" list or moved to the back burner? Let us know.


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do you not have lobby.

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Carolyn, I live in Florida - there's always plenty to do! I am retired and I live on 1/3 acre, which is planted in tropical plants and trees. I have leaves to rake and trimming of plants to do, plus I have a 4-bedroom house to keep clean and lots of leaves to rake.

I have two dogs - a Chi. and a Border Collie to walk 3 times a day, 3/4ths mile each time. As you can see, by the time I take care of my chores, I feel like I need to go back to work to rest! LOL

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thanks sayhellonow, I see everyone seems to be awake.

I think the only thing left on my bucket list...I had a to do list long before the bucket list was a movie...is get a large dog. She is 3 weeks old now and I will take ownership a couple of weeks before Xmas. So you know I will be busy this winter.

I will also watch movies, read and play a few games, video and computer games.

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Yep, I think you woke everyone up, Vala. It's good to hear from you.

Kay: I am sooooo envious! A third of an acre, no less. You must feel a lot of freedom living there. But then, that's about what I had in my subdivision before I thought I should downsize. What was I thinking????

I haven't started making bread yet, but will do that soon. There are plenty of winter weeks ahead, with plenty of time to do it. But I HAVE been canning -- another "domestic" thang I've never had time for, and I'm loving it.


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Hi Sayhello, Now it seems to be me not posting or even checking on the thread. I have about lost interested in the PC except just being a tool which I love. I have been watching movies, at least 2 a day and read a book in 2 or 3 days, also working jigsaw puzzles. After my bus tour through the Smokies my cabin fever seems to be gone. That is good. I am watching "Not Without My Daughter" with Sally Field this evening, just stopped for a break to check email. Take care all.............

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I'm guilty too, Vala. I enjoyed that movie. What in the world would we do as women, if we had to live like that?

We're getting some snow tomorrow, but right now I'm still working in the garden. Just adding some compost and getting ready for spring -- even weeding. I still haven't tried making bread. I guess as long as I can be outdoors, I'll be there.

As I've mentioned, I never had much time in the past to be "domestic," but I'm really enjoying it now that I've retired. Still dating some, but no one who makes the earth move, grin.

Where's our man, Asolo? (shouting) "Hey Asolo -- where you been?"


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Carolyn, tonight I am watching Bird on a Wire with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn, cute show. I have had all the "domestic" I can stand, especially cooking. I was going through major burn out when my husband was diagnosed with AZ, really bad timing. I did what I had to do, now I am a widow and am enjoying the freedom I have never had. I married at 18, so from parents to husband and kids.

You said there was no "earth move", I think that is what I would like just a friend for company and to travel with. I have had two men show an interest, but they were married and I am not going there.

I have this in my kitchen.

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"Where's our man, Asolo? (shouting) "Hey Asolo -- where you been?"

I exist. Just don't get threads like this.

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Wow, I've been away so long, but it looks like all of us have.

Asolo: What don't you get?

I would enjoy a good discussion on politics and what's going on in the world, but that might create more enemies than friends.

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