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mjowestAugust 3, 2007

I love all these forums at Garden Web!

I find a new one, and spend days catching up on all the information.

I finally started scrapbooking this January. (kids are ten and eight!) and, well you know the rest, it's wonderful!

I have a few finished scrapbooks now, and since we live in an old farm house, I try to keep my favorite things by a door, in case of a fire.

Anyway, how can you store, attractively, the finished books?

I hate to have them just stacked in a corner, and they don't fit on the bookshelf.

Any creative ideas??

thanks, and I'm looking forward to many hours here!!


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Just read your post. Here is a thought. I have several scrapbooks and I was having the same issue. In my living room I have a small bench/storage cab. that I did not know what to use the bench part for. In the fall it has scarecrows on it and at Christmas it has a mini tree. But the rest of the year, my scrapbooks are standing up face out so everyone can see the front of them. The more plain covers are in the back but the "fun" covers, like Disney World & Dollywood are out front. It looks nice and people always want to look at them. (Bonus, they are close to the front door in case of fire but I had never thought about that until now!) If you have like a sofa table or something of that nature it would work too...Hope this helps.

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