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vickie704June 27, 2005


This post will seem difficult for many of you but I desperately need advice. I know (through discovery and other avenues available) that divorce is without a doubt in the future. What I need to know is what sewing machine is the absolute best I can invest in order to help provide me with an income to support me in the future? I'm trying best to plan for what is inevitable and need any advice. Thanks,

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I'm so sorry to hear of your personal troubles but I'm sure it will all be sorted out in time. As far as machines go, I and many others here sew purely for fun and each has her own favourite machine. If you are going to sew as a business, perhaps an industrial machine might be what you want. There are some people here who have them and could tell you more about them. This question comes up from time to time and I think we all agree that you need to assess just what you want to do with your machine, how much your budget will allow, try out different machines, and purchase one where you have a dealer you can depend on for repair and instruction. You can put a lot of money into a machine that does lovely embroidery , but that may not be what you want. You may want to get a real workhorse machine. I have a Husqvarna Platinum 750 and am very happy with it.

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I too am sorry about your personal life. My vote is always for a good serger and an old work horse of a sewing machine. My Mother has sewn for the public more than 50 years. I know that a good 20-25 years she used the same Singer T&S that's from the early 70's. She finally killed it and she buys all of that model she can find at thrift stores. The one she sews on now she paid $7.50. She does have a high end phaff serger and a brother ULT2002D machine that she embroiders with; however the basic straight stitch sewing is done with that old singer. I have a white serger and a 1964 singer T&S that I do a fair amount of sewing on. My piddling is mostly a hobby but I sew a good 10-25 hours a week on my old singer as well.
Good Luck,

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Do you have a market for your sewing? You might want to start with an older model as in trade in serger and sewing machine...because you are thinking business I suggest both machines...I would go with good basic models of both just to see if this is going to be a viable business to sink alot of money into....if you go to a good shop they will always give the option of trading back the first models and buying up to something more "fancy" for better lack of words. I say go for basic and see how the business don't want to go broke and end up with machines way beyond your ability to make a living with. That is MHO.....think of what items you will offer for sale, services (alterations whatever) and look at the market in your area...then purchase what suits your business and professional needs ....with the idea of when you see profit enough then you trade up. Better safe then's my opinion and I stick to it.

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I really hate to be a wet blanket with your other troubles and all, but if you haven't sewn enough to own a sewing machine, then you should really be cautious of expecting to immediately be able to support yourself by sewing. You might want to plan on having a day job while you build your sewing business. JMHO

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My friend still has a Rose (Husqvarna) that is up for sale. I've been "borrowing" it, & made a "rent" payment. She has her own & it's easier for her to store it at my house- & if I use it occasionally, so much the better. Anyway- it does embroidery & all kinds of fancy stuff. She's looking for $1000, not including shipping. However, you would almost definitely want to get lessons (specific to that machine's capabilities- not general sewing lessons), and the only way for you to do that would be to pay for them someplace near you- and the cost for lessons without purchasing a machine is always prohibitive. On the upside- it really is a very nice, sturdy machine with a lot of options.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. And although I agree it might take time to build your business, I think it would be a great way for you to focus some of your energy outside of work- deciding just what you'd like to make, venues to sell, & building base inventory as well as determining custom options.

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Thanks for all of the support and advice. I do currently have one of the old Singer T&S from the 70's but want to go ahead and "upgrade" while I can. I've decided to visit local sewing centers and get the feel of different ones to help make the choice. Thanks again

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Sorry to hear of your troubles. I'm sure this is a difficult time for you.

If you are serious about going into business, I agree that an industrial machine and a serger would be an advantage. You might also want to see if there is some kind of service available to you to help you set up a business plan. If there is a college or university with a business department in your area, they might be able to tell you where you could go for advice.

Good luck with your new venture.

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Just a suggestion, but what about visiting major sewing dealers and asking if they have trade in's (some ladies always want the latest and greatest model) and maybe you can buy a nicer one, used, than you could have bought new, OR what about a DEMO model? Also check out Consumer Reports,,,They usually put everything thru it's paces and if anybody knows how they rank, they would,,they have a website and for a couple dollars on line, you can search it. A few times in the paper I've see ads where this company or that ordered X amount of school industrial machines and has too many,,you could try tracking these down,,they obviously would be work horses. What about contacting the actual manufacturers and asking them which of their models are the best for your type of need? I'm sure somebody there would be willing to give you their opinion since they know their own product. I just know from my own experience that I got a Bernina because the Husqvarna had some parts that weren't all metal and that turned me off. And of course Bernina was my quilting teacher's machine of choice. IMO. Good luck,,,Just trust in yourself enough to know that you will be able to handle what life throws at you and you'll be alright. In the end,,you'll probably end up in a better place than your life is now, so that is something to look forward to!!! :)

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Pleas do not go to a sale of overstock machines at any hotel
or motel this is an on going scam that started in the30s
Its run now by a excuse the word gentelman in New Jersey
for mor Google sewing machines scams. Harold

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I second the advice to not buy from the overstock 'deals.' I have heard many people get scammed from them, with very little recourse.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best sewing machine

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Vickie, I am so sorry. I lived through this two years ago but we are still together...keep the hope alive. If you want there is a forum on here for marriage, try it I did and it helped. On the sewing machine project, you should ask an attorney, for if you buy it now it might be considered joint property and therefore...yep.

I have a Bernina that I love. You can go from sewing heavy fabrics to light weight ones WITHOUT adjusting a thing. I also have Viking a 1+ and a Designer 1 I use those for embroidery and sewing also. The Bernina shop is so far for me to travel to now and Viking is closer and I needed all the help they could give on the embroidery. If you are going for the best sewing machine, go Bernina...hands down a great, great machine. If you are going sewing and embroidery....go Viking. They are ahead in the embroidery side.

Please hang in there. We went through counseling and therapy...he wanted the divorce not me...the grass was not green

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Bernina - Nothing sews like a Bernina. I gave away a Kenmore and a Singer, and turned down several give-aways. My Bernina is over 20 years old and has made thousands of garments. Their sergers are also good and I have 2 of them.

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I am looking for advice on a good machine too. My 25 yr. old Viking's transformer broke and it can't be fixed. It was going to be my forever machine and I never would have spent $1,500 back then if I thought it had a part that couldn't be fixed! I checked Consumer Reports and they aren't rating sewing machines presently. I was disappointed because 35 yrs. ago when I bought my first machine, the article in CR was helpul. It helped me decide exactly what features I needed and focused me. Now I am overwhelmed at the features. I am leaning toward a Bernina this time but still undecided. That's based on all of the years of hearing how great they are. I live far from any stores and will have to travel to try any machines out. My friend has a new Viking Sapphire and loves it. She does a lot of quilting and the machine is made for that in that it has a larger area to stuff your quilt into when sewing. I like it but it won't fit in my old cabinet. People in my area like New Home machines. Good luck with your machine and your life.

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