? mold?

caththegardenerOctober 6, 2010

Hi - About 4 years ago we had a big windstorm which caused damage to our roof. We had a small amount of water stain show through our bedroom ceiling, but no actual leak through the drywall. The stains are only noticeable at an angle, that's how faint they are. I remember noticing about 3 black spots awhile later, but didn't really think about it and wiped them off with bleach. The roof was repaired not long after the storm and since then there has been no leak. My question is are these spots mold? They reappear every so often (like 6 months between) and so far just in the same place. I recently learned that vinegar is a good mold killer and wiped the area with it.

I'm wondering if there could be more going on above the ceiling, although since there hasn't been a leak there for years now I wonder what? I know my husband won't want to cut the ceiling out and am wondering about painting over with Kilz?

(no plumbing at all is above this room, it's a one story.)

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I see that the picture didn't show the spots very well. The ceiling was previously a popcorn ceiling, the white bumps are the old texture. The spots I'm questioning are very light gray and hard to see here.
Thanks for any input!

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can you view this area from in the attic?
if so move insulation back and see what the
sheetrock looks like on the attic side.
if mold has grown through sheetrock you will see
it better from the attic.
also check above on roof decking to see if
it is wet.
it could well be that the water from the
roofleak wet the insulation and has trapped
moisture between insulation and sheetrock.

if you can get a pic from the other side it
would be of help. although no one can diagnose
it 100% online, perhaps we can point you in
the right direction.

best of luck.

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