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sweet_tea_May 1, 2013

I posted in the building forum also. We are trying to finalize our plans and are having problems with our kitchen layout. We originally had a peninsula bar off the wall with the ovens. I didn't like it, so we changed to this island configuration which I don't like either. Any suggestions or input would be great.

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sweet-tea, your image is pretty small for us to make out much details about your you have a blow up of just the kitchen that you can post.

Also, it might be helpful for you to tell us what you don't like about the island configuration...just knowing that you "don't like it" may not be enough for us to help with changes.

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Trying to upload larger image. (I apologize for the grainy picture. The file is in a program that I can't edit.) The main problems I have with the kitchen are the lack of flow. The island seems to be in the way. The wall ovens are behind the bar seating area and I worry that it will be an issue trying to get something in/out of the ovens with people seated in front of it. Thanks for your help.

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I prefer the island, and am planning a similar layout for our new build - except with 1) ovens and refrigerator "flipped" and 2) prep sink on island. Would these changes work for you?

I'll be following along, to see what suggestions I can incorporate into my plan!

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I agree with mommytoc that the ovens and refrigerator need to be flipped. People will need access to the fridge for many reasons, but the oven is only used by the cook. Get the fridge out of the corner.

Why do you need to have seats at the island? You have a dining area very close to the kitchen. People can sit at the table and talk to you.

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Did you consider trying to incorporate a pantry room into your floorplan?

If the island were rotated 90 degrees, seating makes a bit more sense and would also provide some break to the dining room.

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I would definitely consider flipping the fridge and ovens.

And do you need the island seating? I would probably nix that and just use the seating at the dining area. And like seattlecraftsman mentioned, I'm surprised that you don't have a pantry incorporated.

I'm sure that as others who are better with layouts will come on to give you more ideas.

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There is a huge walk-in pantry with, is that a freezer or second fridge? in the hall just off the kitchen to the left.

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Thanks for all the feedback. I had considered flipping the fridge and the ovens, but was concerned about kids running around the corner and into an open oven door. However, I'll revisit that idea, I tend to be over cautious. :)
Yes, bpathome is right there is a large walk in pantry just to the left of the kitchen. It's not shown in the enlarged image. That is a freezer in pantry. As far as seating at the bar, I realize the dining area is close, but that will be our only eating space. We just thought for family get togethers it wouldn't hurt to have more options available. Thanks again!

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Okay, I see the pantry area now. Just wasn't sure what it was originally. :)

Do you frequently have family gatherings where the extra seating would be used a lot? If it's not a frequent occurrence, I would be inclined to skip the island seating and keep the aisles clear.

As for kids - there's a "no running inside" rule in mine and my family's houses. And kids are pretty smart...they know where the dangers are in the house because you teach them and they avoid them. When I was a child, our oven got a lot hotter than what current ones do and I was taught not to touch it or I would get in trouble. Also, I would think that if the oven door is open, you're going to be right there where it is anyway, so the kids would run into you too!

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I will go against the grain and say keep the island seating. We love and use ours constantly even though the dining room (the only table in the house) is just steps away. You could put a pocket door in that spot if your were concerned.

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Thanks for all the comments and suggestions! I do think I would like to keep seating at the bar, which is part of the reason I'm debating on going back to my original sketch with a peninsula bar instead of an many decisions. :)

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Can you move the oven wall back and also extend it up to the pantry door? Having the pantry door in the kitchen instead of in the great room seems more proper to me. Your GR size would shrink a little, but the gain in the kitchen area may be worth it imo.

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My kitchen is about the same size as yours and the perimeter is a similar layout. I'll link it below. I don't have the separate wall ovens so it probably won't work for you, but I thought I'd share just the same. I spent months and months (or maybe more like a year) on the plan so I'm always happy if it can help someone else.

Here is a link that might be useful: my kitchen

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Thanks again for the comments!
sena01- I see what you mean about moving the ovens back, but I think we need the wall there for support purposes for the second floor. But I'll check on that.

mpagmom- Wow!!! Thank you for sharing your kitchen! It's lovely! We've been working on a plan since last Oct./Nov. and I guess I missed your reveal. It is amazing how close your kitchen is to what we have planned. Even your first draft kitchen, is almost exactly like our first draft. :) (Even down to the casement windows,no uppers on the window wall, coffee pot/appliance garage in the corner cabinet, and we're planning on wide plank wood floors....crazy!!!!) It makes me want to see the rest of your house. :) I feel better about this design after seeing your kitchen, however your bar is laid out different than mine, and you have an opening to the great room. So, I still worry that mine might not work as well as yours. I've gone back and forth the past week between our first draft and this one, it's so hard to know what it will look like in real life! But you've helped me a lot. Thanks for taking the time to share!

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Glad that helped. I tried to find some of my plans from before I decided to remove the wall between the great room and kitchen, but I couldn't. Your current plan looks awkward to me because your best prep area (island space across from the sink) doesn't have great access to the refrigerator. Swapping the refrigerator and ovens would probabably make it worse. I had another idea that might work for you: eliminate the cabinets on the window wall and put full-length windows there (look at quelyn's recent almost-finished kitchen), move the ovens to the end of the refrigerator/cooktop wall, and have a huge peninsula off the current oven wall. I did the worst photoshop job in the world of your plan to show what I'm talking about. You lose some cabinet space, but with the huge pantry that might not be an issue. BTW, I would probably put the sink closer to the windows and have at least 4 feet of prep space to the left of the sink. I hope someone can help you work out a great plan!

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Sorry, if this has already been mentioned...but I'd do three things.

1) Exchange the island for a peninsula, at right angle to the sink wall, across from the range. This will give you a U-shape work area, with ovens on the back wall.

2) Move the french doors over, so they're centered on the dining room wall and give you room for stools on the peninsula.

3) Make the screened porch 3' - 4' wider. This would give you more room for seating.

Oh, and maybe a 4th idea...if you need a little extra room in the dining room (with the peninsula seating) think about a bay window bump out and move the table closer to the window.

Hope that helps :)

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I was referring to your original plan, not your new one. I wouldn't want my traffic pattern through my work area. Your original plan would keep traffic going past the U-shape work area, rather than through it.

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Thanks mpagmom and lavender_lass for the suggestions! I think I have decided to go back to my original kitchen sketch (not shown here) of a peninsula bar, off the oven wall. I thought about moving it to the sink wall side, but I'm not sure I want to move the french doors. I do plan on having a built in bench seat under the windows of the dining area, so I won't need as much space for table and chairs, but I'm still concerned moving the doors down would crowd the table too much. Lavender_lass- I would love to make the screen porch wider, however we're building on a narrow ridge and this is our max footprint. We will have deck off the back so there will be seating areas out there as well. I will try to post an revised plan when I get one. I do appreciate all your help. You guys are great! :)

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Sweet-tea, I'm happy to hear that you're going back to the peninsular bar. I have that arrangement and really love it. It gives me maximum counter space. My sink is in the peninsula so I can interact with the family in the GR while working. The peninsula is one level which visually enlarges the kitchen and greatly enhances the workable counter space. My peninsula is almost 4 ft. wide. I'm constantly pushing dishes & pans further back while working to the forefront. The 14" overhang is a comfortable depth for seating. Don't know if this helps but wishing you the best with all of your decisions.

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Texasgal47- I really do think it will work out better in the space I have to use. Feeling better about my decision. Thanks for your input!

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