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berainSeptember 22, 2004

You might just want to save space - this forum obviously isn't working out. I appreciate all your efforts.


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Sorry Barbara and all...

I am new and not certain what to expect from this forum.

I know many things we have in common and many others not.

I try to stay busy,24/7, but do take time to read and try to post. Isn't the easiest thing being an introverted newbie.

Any ideas? Perhaps some of the more experienced members could help with the rules of accepted posting.

I'm new. My very loved SO passed 6/03. Am trying to etch out being single once again. I don't do the "social" scene or the internet. Simply thought others on this forum might share a few words of wisdom.


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Wing, allow me to extend my deepest sympathies to you - GOD BLESS YOU! I can't know how you must feel, but if I can offer a shoulder or a listening ear, please feel free to contact me.

There is a 'grieving' forum here on gardenweb.com, so I would ask you to give those folks a chance to assist/empathize with you during this difficult time.

Please post here, or contact any one of us here, if we can be of any help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grieving forum

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Thanks Kay, yes, I know. I spent a great deal of time at a different site with 24/7 chat for a very long time.

Just thought maybe I could get some idea of what other single people "do" when they're not working 24/7. Being single isn't the easiest thing with the world being geared for couples.

I visit other sites and GW boards. Am looking for a yard to buy with a house attached. Maybe, then, will have more to contribute.

Did fry my monitor this morning. YUK! Wish I had the tenacity to buy a HUGE one. ;). I even thought of checking into having my PC hooked up to my big screen tv but thought that might be a bit much.

Thanks, again, for your thoughts. True, no one knows until they experience it personally. Is the hardest lesson on earth but I know I'm not alone.


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I can tell you what I do in my 'spare' time (ya, right)! I grow tropical plants, so tend those, mow my grass, clean my house, look for a second job, play on the computer, working on learning Microsoft Word and how it does all that neat stuff, play with my grandbabies, watch very little tv, kick around in some thrift stores, and if I'm REALLY bored, I will call a friend and visit with her on the phone. I go to bed at 9:30 and get up at 5:30. My days are full enough to please me, with enough time to do what I want, when I want.

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What to do with my time is never a problem. From the moment I get up until I go to bed there is one thing after another. I often work 7 days a week so simple chores like cooking and cleaning are a challenge. My home has endless projects to work on. At the moment bookshelves, shutters, a second garage door opener, painting, some tile to grout, and new curtains to hang all are on the to-do list. It takes 16 hours or so to mow my lawn from one end to the other so riding the lawnmower is available whenever it is not raining. Much of the time I just put all the work off and relax in front of my computer or play with my cats. Last night I went out for beers after work and was talked into shooting pool for a couple hours. Then I like my food so there is always something interesting to cook up. Steaks to cakes and all things inbetween... nothing beats home cooking. I have a stack of books about ten foot tall that I've not opened the cover on and 3 or 4 that I'm attempting to read at the same time. The garage and basement both need a project level cleaning and new shelves put up. A wheel bearing on my truck needs a looked at.

Today I slept till noon. Exhausted and sore from work yesterday. By the time I cook some brunch, check my e-mail, look over a new retirement plan for work, and pet my cat for a moment it will be time to head down the road to work. I'll be back home about midnight getting cleaned up and back on the internet while cooking some supper. Can't stand the bars on weekends because of all the cigarette smoke. Port Huron is calling me this weekend for a visit with some friends if I can get out of working.

This forum ain't dead it is just sleeping.

: )

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ANOTHER interesting Michael - UNBELIEVABLE! You sound as if you have enough to do to occupy several people - but remember: housework makes you ugly, and no play makes you dull, so relax and do nothing when you can, so you won't be ugly and boring! LOL

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:(((((( Lost kitty to diabetes, only six yrs old. Leaves littermate bro.

Been too sad to post.

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Too Funny Kay! How come I'm not georgous??? Huh! Huh!

Well, spent the afternoon with a realtor checking out an OLD HOUSE. A bit scary, being alone, with things that need to be done but the basic house is great. Pocket doors, french doors to the outside wraparound porch, attic room, etc. Of course, NO storage but big closest and the biggest "old" bathroom I've ever seen. I'm meeting him tomorrow at 10:00. Just need a sleepless night.

I think Bunnyman could make a great living just cooking for others! I have to see if I have any leftovers tonight. Actually, we have a cottage biz that does cooking for others. One can buy fresh or frozen and they do quite well.
Is the homemade type one can't get in the stores.

Would really like to haunt the garage sales and thrift shops but I'd be too nervous and have a ton of things already. Maybe will check some things I have on consignment.

I do tend to get paranoid when contemplating spending much $$. Being frugal was a necessity and now is a hobby. :) I certainly would have enough work/projects to keep me busy for a very long time.


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I'm sorry to hear about your kitty WalksAlone. My cats really make the house a home.

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I've been alone too, since losing my partner 5 years ago. Yes, I can keep busy. There is always housework, meal preparation, grocery shopping etc., but that is not the same. It doesn't take away the loneliness. It is no fun to go on drives and outings by oneself. I miss the closeness etc. so much. I have a dog and I don't know what I would do without him. He is so loyal.
All the best, Wings.

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Wings2W, did you buy the house? I'm looking at homes right now..in fact I have to meet with my realtor this morning to look at some more. Not very encouraging at the moment. I found one but it's 50 years old and the kitchen needs remodeled, but they're asking about $10,000 more than it's supposedly worth. But I love it. ) :

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No, I didn't. It needed too much for the price/area. Is still listed too. I became suspect of maybe "unseen" things when I realized the refrigerator had been unplugged with food inside. YUK.

I tend to get saturated and retreat. Very busy at work and probably wouldn't appreciate much either right now.

Good luck! You been shopping long? Send me a note. I have a few links you might like.


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