A male dating horrors

coolvtSeptember 8, 2007

I noticed awhile back that a lady wrote in about her horror date. Well, us guys get them too. Here are a few:

Invite a woman to dinner...she has 5 drinks at dinner. She was a professional drinker:-) Quick end to that date...and she drove 1/2 hour to get home.

Meet one woman of 52 yrs old. She been widowed 3 times.

Wow, that scared me. There was either a "problem" or she had terrible luck. End of the scene. I didn't want to be number four.

Spent the afternoon with a new acquaintance...mostly walking the malls and such. She invites me to her house for coffee. She makes serious advances and when I balk at being intimate, she throws me out telling me I am way too prudish.

Met a woman for the first time for brunch. I thought she drank two glasses of V8 or tomato juice until I got the bill. It had been 2 bloody marys. Alcohol for breakfast isn't a good sign:-)

Met an internet date. She had sent her pictures and said she was a model. She appeared to be so in the pictures. Well, turns out she was a really heavy, heavy woman who modeled big clothes. The pictures had been doctored up.

Met a woman in the mall..first meeting. As we walked through a Spencer Gift shop she points out a se# toy and tells me that was her favorite, but lost hers when she and her boyfriend split a few months before. And the funny thing is, in her on line profile, she said she was looking for a man who knew how to treat someone like a lady. Sort of like a woman should be treated like a lady whether she deserves it or not.

Should I go on? And you women think you have problems:-))

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You might be referring to my post a while back. Yes, I understand that bad behavior cuts both ways. I've heard plenty of stories from the other side of the dating fence. The bait and switch photo seems to be common. You are shown a photo of a slim pretty woman and you meet a woman who is 40 pounds heavier and 10 years older. And the heavy drinkers. And the stalkers. And the money borrowers and thieves. And the no-shows. And general bad manners. I'm 51. My beauty has become mostly inner beauty, though I think I clean up well enough. Meeting ANYONE with whom I want to have ongoing verbal discourse is getting rare, much less engaging in all the things that are inherent in a long term intimate relationship.

It's been about two years since I had an active profile anywhere online. Some men were very cavalier about requesting nude photos of me. Um, no. I guess sending nude images is a very common practice. Um, no. I also encountered quite a number of unemployed men, they are the ones with all that extra time to be cruising the singles sites. There were many mentally unbalanced men, too. No thanks. I don't need a man who tells me he went to anger management. Or a man who tells me his bipolar disorder is fine as long as he takes his meds. Lots of recovering alcoholics, too. Goodonya! I'm blissfully ignorant about addiction. Want to stay that way.

Happily, I did meet someone with whom I am creating a lovely relationship. Yes we met online. Common interests forged a friendship, affection came more than a year later. Who knows what the next year will bring.

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