Freshen Surface of Acrylic Shower Liner?

Dragonfly99October 27, 2011

Hi--I think our shower liner (one unit) is acrylic, otherwise it is fiberglass. I have scrubbed the floor surface enough to where I think I've scuffed it and it now permanently looks dirty. There are dark spots I can't remove and I think it is because I've removed some of the glossy surface. Is there any way to repair the surface? There are no cracks or anything, just superficial scuffs. We will be selling the house soon but don't want to pay for a whole new shower when this one is fine, just dirty-looking. We've been to the big-box stores looking for some kind of sealent repair kits but haven't found anything.


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Appliance paint. Several thin coats. The box stores carry it.
Rough the whole surface, the enclosure. This stuff is much more durable than regular spray paint and if applied correctly looks like glass. Allow at least a foot and stop at the end, don't hold the nozzle down and continue. Reach the end , stop and start at the next pass.

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