Rug pads - one more time

edie_thielJuly 19, 2014

I have made one major decorating decision (reference to posts about having trouble making decisions due to fear of expensive mistakes) after several years of saving and dreaming.... I now have site-finished red oak floors throughout my main floor. I love them!

I have also finally decided upon an area rug.

So, do I get a rug pad or not? And, which type? This topic has been on the forum quite a bit, and I've read all of the posts, but I'm still trying to figure out what works for my situation.

My biggest concern is protecting the hardwood floors. Not so concerned about the rug being protected. Hardwood floors are the far greater investment.

The rug I've selected is 8' x 11' and will have the sofa and chair on top of it on one side and corner. The opposite side and corner will not be "held down" by furniture.

I've seen the rug in person at local HOM furniture store. Material type is 100% heat set polypropylene. It has a plush or "Saxony" texture and height. Will the back of this rug "scratch" my wood floors?

"Description: This diverse collection spans the design spectrum from basic geometric to ultra modern abstracts. The Bellevue collection is machine-made from 100% heat-set polypropylene. This affordable choice is durable and easy to clean without giving up the comfort of an ultra dense pile and fashion forward style."

Since this type of rug is already a little thick and cushy, will thick pads will make it too high? Local HOM Furniture suggests using the latticework-type poly-treated non-skid material as a rug pad. HOM Furniture salespeople say it's safe for hardwoods.

I'm not so sure. My hardwood installer is not so sure. He's of the mindset that it could be fine or it could damage the floors - never can tell for sure.

Help me make a decision.

PS. One idea that the hardwood installer has would be to cut chunks of the lattice/web type material and place them in the corners rather than placing an entire piece under the entire rug. Hold the rug in place in the "tripping" areas.

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There was a thread recently on the lattice type pads damaging hardwood floors. I use pads that look like gray felt with a rubber backing. The pads are cut 1" smaller than the rug on each side, so the rug lays down over the edge of the pad. There is no tripping issue.

All rugs need pads under them to protect the rug and to protect the floor. A rug will wear much more if it doesn't have a pad under it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the pad also prevents dirt and grit from sifting through the rug onto the floor.

I found that having my local carpet store (not big box) cut a pad for me was considerably less expensive than purchasing the same thing online.

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Okay - so I'm going to avoid the lattice/mesh poly-coated pad; I'll go with felt pad.

Shouldn't I be concerned about the rubber backing on the wood floor? Or, as I've been reading, is rubber okay because it DOESN'T react with the finish on the flooring. Instead, it is the PVC and maybe poly coatings that DO react with the floor finish?

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I buy the wool felt pads that are the same on both sides without rubber. They do creep out of position if not anchored by a piece of furniture, but are easy to move back. As Bbstx mentioned, the pad should be cut smaller than the rug so the edges of the rug aren't raised. I have them under some fairly thick orientals and they feel firm. They don't feel like you are walking on foam or something.

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Just got my hardwood floors and also told to use "felt" type pads for rugs. Never use anything with glue or tape.

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Ditto what BBstx said above.

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i have used the white lattice pads on both hardwood and marble and have never had any problems...

for larger rugs, i have had the felt pads, but the ones i have bought from the carpet/rug stores have had 'rubber' on one side- the floor side. my understanding is the felt pads better protect the wear of certain fine rugs, but either are fine for the hardwood flooring.

the only rugs i remember causing a problem were the bathroom rugs with rubber backing years ago yellowing vinyl flooring in maybe an apt and our very 1st house....

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