Bad things about single..

tuanhSeptember 30, 2006

feeling down and lonely so many days and nights.

if i am getting sick no one there to care and watchout for me.

i can't share my joy and sad with any one.(girl can, but guy can't, guy can only share with his girl friend or wife only! that is why i am getting marry in december this year.)

these are the few things i am uncomfordable with being single, and how do ya feel?

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Insufficient grounds for marriage IMHO.

Apparently my male friends are different from yours...married and single both.

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God, created a man, woman to comfort each other- to be husband and wife.

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If you know what's in God's mind, why would you care about the opinions of anyone here?

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I don't see anything terribly wrong with getting hitched for the purposes of resolving loneliness as long as there is affection and mutual respect in the union. Do you have sincere loving feelings for your betrothed or are you just looking for a cook, maid, night-time companion?

How does your intended feel?

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I really don't get that lonely but I am an only child. I fear the future like you would not believe when my already very small immediate family starts shrinking. I am trying to prepare myself for that eventuality but I don't know how I will handle it.

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Barn, my fiance does not know how to cooks or how to be a maid either, but we believed that if we love, care, and respect for each other everything we can handle. I know there is a heavy price to pay, if one value selfish too much.

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I wish you both a long and happy marriage.

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getting good deals on travel as a single is not easy, just try to boook a cruise and go alone. they have this thing called a single suppliment, where you pay them more to have a cabin by yourself instead of another guest they have to feed and serve for the trip. the extra charge is almost as much as the cost of the 2nd person too.

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Hey mike_73, I've traveled alone for sightseeing tours and you can get a roommate on these types of tours and save yourself some money. I've never had a problem with any roommate I've ever had on a trip.

If it is a tour group they usually give the contact info of the other person and let the two email or call each other to resolve and differences like "early riser/night owl" or "smoker/non-smoker". If the other person sounds reasonable you book a double room. You get two beds and share the bath. You don't have to "hang out" with the person.

Ask your travel agent or tour operator about it.

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I have had 4 great adventures and have shared a room with 4 strangers. I met the best one before, the other's were complete strangers. I've never had a problem with any. I would never pay for a single supplemental for a cruise, but I would for a nature trip if that was only way I could go.

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