Insulating crawl space

katesearthOctober 4, 2010

We have a concrete block crawlspace below the bathrooms and bedrooms of our ranch which has never been insulated. The floors above are very cold in the winter and the smell from the damp/musty crawl space permeates the rooms above. The floor of the CS is poured cement. Should we insulate the walls and the ceiling of the crawlspace? If so, how should the crawl space walls be insulated? There are no spacers or "bays" in which to place the insulation on the walls. The ceiling insulation - should it just be an acoustic insulation or something else? Help!?

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Use sheets of closed cell foam glued to the ceiling of the crawl space.

Do not insulate the walls/floor of an un heated/cooled space.

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Thank you handymac for your advice, it was very useful.

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