Replacing front stoop and roof

katesearthOctober 4, 2010

Our 1958 ranch has a cement front stoop measuring about 4'x4'square and 4" thick. The gutter on the roof/overhang above is not adhered to the structure therefore rain pours down between the gutter and the structure. This water lands on the ground right in front of the stoop and over the years the ground has eroded and now water is seeping in under the cement and causing dampness and mold in the basement ceiling. We know that we have to remove the stoop and regrade but with what should we replace the stoop? Who should we contact to help us design a new stoop and perhaps a new overhang/entrance. Should it be an architect or a builder? Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.

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I'd talk to a contractor first to see if they had any ideas or standard designs that I liked.

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