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joulesR4meSeptember 28, 2004

I hate that this forum isn't more busy. I signed up for paid membership just to participate in this one and, after posting a few times felt like I was just whinning (which I hate). I did get a lot of useful info on the (controversial) discussion about living together vs marriage though! I still check the postings daily, but notice little activity - I'll try harder to think of something constructive to talk about and try to help keep this alive!!!

Anyways ..... about Wings question (on a separate post) about what we do during our free time .... I don't feel like I have much free time. I've been single for about 7 years and have spent much of that time trying to change my routines! The two newest endeavours in my life take up a huge part of my "free" time are going to the gym and going to school. I decided that my engineering job isn't really a passion - medicine is! I am now taking pre-requisite courses in hopes of getting into a Physicians Assistance program. I don't know if I'll ever achieve it, but going back to school is GREAT! I am the oldest gal in the classes, but being around the "kids" has given me such energy. And learning something entirely new (actually using my brain) is so exciting. Though it's been hard to find the time to get to class (8hrs/week) and to study, I've pushed myself.

And, with my new-found energy, I have started going back to the gym. I've always hated (and had great anxiety about)the gym, I'm learning to use it as a real escape. I put on my headphones, convince myself that "no one is looking at me", then head for the treadmill. I had hired a personal trainer to help me with the weights, so now I'm more confident in that area too.

Before I go to bed, I try to get my chores done. Clean a room, do laundry, grocery shop, etc. That way, on the weekends I can spend time with my dogs (trail hiking or just playing around) and my friends (having lunch, catching a movie, doing some shopping, etc).

Hope this gives you some ideas. It took me about a year of being single before I found activities that consumed all my "free time". Unfortunately, the first couple years were spent shopping - this filled my time, but devoured my savings. Oh well .....

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I post to several forums that are more active then this one. Everyone has a different group of people and it is always nice to spot a friend from here. Kind of like being at a house party where people gather in different rooms and some drift from room to room . I would not want to see TSL deleted. Someone may join tomorrow that will chatter up the place in a grand way. Most forums people just post away on what ever they are thinking about. Then others jump in and threads twist and turn every which way. Some complain about wandering topics but I sort of like them.

: )

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Thanks Joules & Michael...

For someone that doesn't have a life I've been busy lately. Mostly at work and if we get through our expansion without my finding a deep mind shaft in which to relocate my boss all will be well.

I found someone too, from the local barter site, that needs some help. Nothing big, cleaning a few things for the house and organizing her garage. I can do this.

Am still looking for a house but have major disappointments with realtors. Might just check with an attorney instead.

Have taken a few painting classes but those have been on the weekends. Work starts at 06:00 and I'd be drooling on my textbooks as most evening classes are 19:00-22:00.

The grocery fairy didn't come so I'm off to do some shopping.


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Cleaning house this week. Not that anyone could tell but I have been... Single people should not be allowed larger homes. It rained this morning so I'm safe from having to mow the lawn.

Just got back from the grocery store. Bread, bacon, chip dip, and some tenderloin. Going to a nascar party tomorrow so I need to make some sort of junk food for the guys. I have some leftover lamburger and venison so I might have to make some chili. I know diddly about nascar other then they are loud and drive in circles.

Mostly PO'ed with my job. New boss does not like "college boys", informs me that I'm over paid, and spouts his lust for the old days when he could just fire people for no reason. One of us is going to change or someone won't have a job for long... and I ain't about to change.

Ack... so anyways I have half a case of beer left from last weekend, a dirty house, and two cats that love me. Off to check out my garden and see what is left... probably some tomatos for that chili.

: )

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I spend my free time doing laundry and sleeping-lol. Or so it seems... I work nights, nursing, long hours. Sleep most of the day when the kids are at school. On the weekends they are home with me I get very little sleep. I spend my few days off cleaning the house up and shopping for groceries and other stuff we need. Not too exciting. Sometimes the kids and I go out. A group of women I work with went out to dinner together last week. It was nice and we plan on getting together every month or so. Most are divorced and older than me. One is married but likes to get away with the "girls". I'm up early today because I'm meeting with my realtor. Going to take that big step soon to home ownership. A little nervous about this, being alone with two kids and not having ever bought a house before.

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