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fisheadSeptember 29, 2004

Well I had to move from my apartment to a little house with a yard, cause I went and got my dog from KY. Seems that the X decided to move away with his new girlfriend (it's only been a few months since the divorce - does this seem odd to anyone else?). Anyhoo, I haven't been online in about a month.

Living day to day, looking for real employment and in the meantime, just working for a friend here in town.

It has definitely been a crazy summer. Looking forward to the hibernation of winter.

I also plan to be online a lot, since I think I'm safest here in my living room.

Anybody else had a strange summer???


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X's seem to do strange things .... I think it might be strange if they didn't ... hummmm, come to think of it, I'm CERTAIN lots of people thought I did some VERY strange things --- just goes to show how little they knew about me!

I too have had a strange summer. I've had to run from three hurricanes. And I wonder why I haven't gotten anything accomplished yet this summer. And why my finances are a bit low.

Good luck to you - hope your dog keeps you good company!

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