What kind of tools?

lcw1947September 22, 2007

Do you do your own repairs when something goes wrong or needs fixing? What kind of tools do you use, power tools? They can be kind of daunting at first.

One time a friend of mine wanted an electric broom so bad it was all she talked about for months. so for Christmas that year, her husband, got her one and put it under the tree. Lo and behold!!! when she unwrapped it, he had taken a straw broom and cut and taped a lead cord to it. It was too too funny, but very sad. They have sense divorced. Gotta make you wonder why? doesn't it?

Some times, I guess a persons sense of humor can cut another to the quick. I wonder if that might be what happens to a lot of folks, well it's food for thought isn't it?

At any rate, right now, I own a jig saw and an electric staple/brad gun. I have lots of stuff in my tool box. I love my battery screw gun. I do think some day I want an electric one. Mine isn't terribly powerful, but so far works fine, it is also for drilling. Just call me Ms. Fixit



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circular saw
jig saw
assorted hand tools
tile laying tools
painting tools
tape measures
stud finders
levels (both laser and manual)
commercial tile cutter
battery screw driver
B & D drill with bit set

Now I'm looking for an excuse to not have to use them.

So far I've installed tile in living room, kitchen, breakfast room, laundry room, both bathrooms and my bedroom. (living room was done by professionals and when they got through there was grout EVERYWHERE. I had to tile over the fireplace because I couldn't get the grout and grout stain off the brick. That's when I decided I couldn't possibly do any worse so continued on with the rest of the house. Now only have nasty carpet in my office and spare bedroom and my allergies are much better.)

I demolished the master bath except for shower and toilet. Took out a big garden tub that I never used and a small vanity with two sinks. Tiled the floor and had cabinets installed where the tub and old vanity were. Then I tiled the top of the new vanity. Also removed the small vanity in the guest bath and had another built. The primary reason was the old vanities were way too short. I replaced them with taller units that didn't kill my back to brush my teeth in the morning. I also replaced the old toilets with "handicap" toilets to accomodate my bad knees.

I've painted the living room, guest bath and master suite so now I'm pretty burned out with DIY. The outside will be done by others. Not bragging --- Most of this had to be done and couldn't afford to have it all done by someone else. It's amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. It's not perfect but I've found that I'm the only one that sees the flaws. Most people don't even notice unless I point them out.

The upshot of this is ladies---You really can do it!!!

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You go pris - When are you coming to my house!! I will tell you though, you DON'T want me to paint anything. That's about the only thing I haven't mastered. I don't think I have the patience. I think that's why I don't sew. I do a very good job at the demo part!!

I can't tell you how many drills and cordless screwdrivers I have ( or had to re-buy because people borrow and don't return). Last week I bought a pair of pliers because all of mine disappeared. If anyone needs nails or screws, don't go to Sears or HD - I'm giving them away. I have so many that they should be paying rent. I always end up with extra screws when I put something together. OK, stop laughing - I didn't miss anything in installation!! I had a friend who would do things around the house for me. He passed away 2yrs ago, and I now have his legacy - either too many of one thing, or the missing of the other. He was famous for "borrowing"!! Now I'm stocking up again. I'd like to get a table saw - for what; not sure yet, but everytime I see one I think I should just make something.

Loved the Christmas gift story. Too bad it was such a dumb joke. But I guess the joke is on him now...

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The question is Pris, did that stud finder work? LOL. Sorry, couldn't let that one pass by. Years back in my area a well known lesbian activist was caught shoplifting at Sears. Yup, one of the items was a stud finder. That was a local joke for a long time.

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Hey Mark - coolvt == cool Vette, or cool Vermont??????


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Hi Mark,

If there is that kind of stud in my house, I'm going to start tearing out walls, lol. Of course, maybe she walled him up and forgot where she put him. You think??

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I've done my share of DIY even while married. I was the handy one. Sad, really! I have a drill, a circular saw, a jig saw, sander, radial arm saw, assorted hand tools (hammers, mallets, wrenches, screw drivers, saws, putty knives, etc.) Just enough to get myself into trouble, I suppose. I'm a very good painter, though rather slow. I can change a light fixture but draw the line at anything electrical that is more complicated than that. I can install a vinyl floor and do masonry. I'm probably far more capable than I really want to be!

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