New here-this seems like a nice forum

mariaoceanSeptember 24, 2006

Hello, I just wanted to post and say "hi" I accidentally found this site when I did a Google search for articles on flirting (something I am not that fond of) but that is beside the point. It just seems like a nice group of people and I wanted to know I am enjoying reading the posts very much.

As an aside, does anyone know of any women's websites, that aren't IVillage? I like to look at sites for women, tried to find more, I like IVillage Ok, but it just seems so geared (at least for single women) as if everything about being a single woman is the constant pursuit of men, being sexy for men, and the like. Years ago, there was an e-mail list for women called "happy single women at" no longer exists.

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Hello, mariaocean
I haven't had much luck finding a women's website. Like you, I searched around a while, but most of what I found turned out to be dating services, which was not what I had in mind.

The single life forum moves rather slowly at times. I guess most of the singles are out having a grand old time!! However, some of us singles are senior citizens and just enjoy learning how other seniors cope with life and being alone.

So, welcome aboard.

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Hi mariaocean!

Here is a site that I like. I'm not sure what their objective is but they do seem to have topics on just about everything and it isn't geared just towards babies and man chasing.

Today I saw an article about raising lizards.

Here is a link that might be useful: voice of women

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mariaocean, Have you located any of those sites yet? I checked out the one gurley1576 mentioned.

As I mentioned before, sometimes this forum moves slowly, but keep checking back in from time to time. I've "met" some great folks here and I'm sure you will, too. Don't give up on us just yet.


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Hi, Gerry, and everyone else who repied. No, I won't give up on this board! Too nice. And yes, I quickly checked out the Bella Online Voice of Women link and already have used their forum too. Thank you so much to Gurley for letting me know about it. And thanks so much for the welcome. :)

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mariaocean - Can't tell if you were up late or up early - but good Saturday morning!!

It was cool this morning (57*) and I really wanted to sleep in, but little Murphy wanted out, then in because he was cold, then out again. Guess it's time to dig out his little winter sweaters for these cool early mornings. The other 2 dogs have heavy undercoats and long hair so they are relishing the cool.

Am off in a bit to do some shopping. Normally, I do one big shopping trip per month, but in the last couple of weeks have had to go into town several times. It's 25 miles to the nearest town of any size. I'm really a country gal at heart, so being out here in the boonies suits me just fine.

Have a great weekend. :)

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