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lcw1947September 17, 2007

Good morning, let's all give a little post so we know who all is out there?


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Back at cha Linda, oops!!! that's me, okay, I'll do the first post. I'm 60 years old, I have two children and four grand children, am widowed for five years. I live in upstate New York. I'm not a huge traveler, although when I do, I like to go to Michigan or to Mississippi to see my kids. I am your typical little old lady who dotes on her cats. I live in Senior/disabled housing. I am content with my life and I am as busy as I want to be. I take my Mom (she's 85) to the city once a week or two and we do a little shopping and eat lunch while we are out. I do like to go to the meal site from time to time.

There are so many good people and it's great to hear people talking about things that don't really matter or that will impact my day to day living. I still say the meals served there are the best bang for the dollar.

So who else is out there? We'd all like to hear from you


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Hi Linda. Love your follow up to your post. I remember you from the KT and swap! I used to live in upstate NY. Born and raised living all over up there.

I'm 44, single, no kids. Live near Tampa, FL so I can take care of my mother - she and I were roomies for about 10 years after my father's death. But her care required more assistance, so she's living with my brother and his family. I'm only a mile away, so I still take her to all of her doctor appts., etc.

As for being single? I'd love to be with someone. I have an ongoing long distance relationship with a nice guy in Denver. He's separated, and hoping to get his daughters out on their own soon. One's a new graduate, the other is in college, but both still live with him.

So for now, it's Callie and me.


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Hi Barbara,

what a lovely dog she is. I used to have a cat named Callie, she died shortly before my husband did.My mother and I might as well be roomies. She lives in the same building as myself.. kitty corner to me. I drop in several times a day.. Believe it or not, she is my friend as well as my mother.

It's nice to meet you, and yes I did post a couple of times on the Kitchen Table, man alive does that one ever move fast..

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Hi guys,

I'm soon to be 65, live about 15 miles from the nearest town where I work. Just called SS yesterday to check into retirement benefits. Thinking about working parttime beginning in January. Don't really want to quit altogether. I'm the sort that really needs a reason to get up in the morning.

I live alone but my son & dil are close by. Believe it or not, I probably saw more of them when they were further away.

It took awhile but I can truely say I enjoy my solitude and the freedom to come and go as I please. Once in awhile I think it would be nice to have someone to talk to in the evenings but then I come to my senses and come to the Garden Web and talk to you guys. You all really don't know how I appreciate that.

I've been married twice. The father of my children had his mid-life crisis which resulted in the first divorce at age 34. Instead of waiting until I could live with myself, I remarried shortly thereafter. Big mistake. #2 was a controlling person and this marriage turned into my worst nightmare. Fear of making that mistake again has kept me single long enough to learn to enjoy my own company. Probably too much.

I'm hoping to cut back my hours at work this coming year and find some time to travel a little. I would like to get in the car and travel the back roads. Stop when I want to and go when I want to. Hope my health holds out long enough to do that.


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Hope so too, pris. Sounds like something I would LOVE to do. I actually take some time out for that on the weekends, but don't go far because I probably would just keep going. My parents took my sister and me on a driving trip from DC, to LA. I'll never forget that trip. I was entering the 3rd grade and my Dad thought it would be good to see the "landforms" I would begin studying in school. What the heck are "landforms!!" There were a lot of backroads on that trip - even if they were considered major highways!! We ran into all sorts of interesting things - trucks full of oinking pigs that didn't smell to nice, burning alfalfa, wheat fields, and wheat fields, and more wheatfields, beautiful Native American jewelry, the Morman Tabernacle - even heard the choir, snow in July at Pike's Peak (snowball fights with pedal pushers on!!), the Grand Canyon - beautiful for sure, the Mojave Dessert - almost lost the car in a duststorm), and of course Micky and Minnie at the real Disneyland!! We visited the family of an AF buddy of my Dad's. Unfortunately, they lost the fight with a CA wildfire about 15 years ago. My Mom saw it on the news - pretty sad. There was no warning and the fire just swept up the house with them inside. If I ever have the opportunity to take a trip like that again, I wouldn't hesitate. There is so much I didn't see. I love our "landforms"!!

Enjoy your rides!

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Landforms. Good name. Doesn't need further explanation. I'll have to remember to pay attention to the "landforms" as I drive along. Wonder if I could afford a chauffeur to do the driving. The better able to enjoy the view. LOL

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Lightbult moment - hire the chauffeur to tak the Singles forum on a roadtrip. I acutally did that while in LA. My cousin left NY to find his 15 min of fame as a screenwriter. He lived on Venice Beach at first, but later found a job at one of the posh LA hotels. He built up a full plate of favors while he worked there and cashed in a few when I went to LA to visit. He was ablet to hire a white stretch limo - the driver was British - beautiful accent. That night was his last night driving in the US. He was moving back home to England the next, so it was a true party night - for him as well as for us. We had so much fun, especially when we were able to drive up and have private escort to places that had year-long waits for reservations!! We went to a club where people were around the block trying to get in. Our driver announced us and then escorted us in - in front of the folks standing in light. That brought some real hard looks! What a night!!

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That's a great thing to experience at least once in a lifetime. I bet we could attract a lot more people to this forum with a carrot like that to dangle. Right now everyone could probably fit in one limo.

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You got that right - and we wouldn't have to touch hips!!
We'll just have to mention that we are over here when we post on the other forums.

I can't tell you how much my trip really was, especially after hearing about the places we went, on TV, as being very sought after celebrity hangouts. Speaking of, I live in MD and was dinging at Harvey's - the restaurant to the presidents, as it is advertised, where I saw a TV actor sitting two tables form me. At the same time I saw him, everyone else did and ran up to his table for autographs. I just left that alone - the man shoudl be able to enjoy his dinner in peace. This was surban MD aferall, and not "Hollywood". After things settled down I noticed the actor behaving strangely. Turns out he was so drunk that he fell right out of the chair!! That made for a funny site!! I'm glad he had a driver!!

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I'll bring the champagne!

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Hey gals, I'm still here. Sometimes I have some trouble logging on. I don't have cable internet, still puggleing along with phone line.

I've had a super busy week and not sure what today holds for me yet. My sister on another forum wanted her counter tops redone, so I was over there quite a bit to poly and give lots of orders. My husband was a carpenter so I know a lot about a lot of stuff. After he died, I started using power tools. In fact recently at Aldies, I bought an electric staple/brad gun and a jig saw. A skill saw still scares the hooey out of me. Now a chop saw, I had one in Ms, but it's gone now. It didn't come with me when I came north.


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Welcome Mimi

Who's in charge of hiring the chauffeur? We want a "hottie". I nominate gneegirl, she's had the experience.

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ROTFLOL - for real!!!

I'll have to tell my sister about that post - she would fall on the floor too. Yeah, I'm game - just tell me when and where!!

It's Saturday night and I'm sitting here on the Singles Forum. Good company, but darn!!!

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Linda, I've seen you over at the other forum - I'm doing granite and appliances. I may have sent you a question or two. Bring some more folks over to this side, will ya!!

OK, as I was reading my posts, I found a lot of sp / typos. Sorry guys - it's usually very late, or very early when I'm posting, and at that time of the day, I don't see much of anything. Plus, I have fat fingers.

Pls forgive...

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