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bunnymanSeptember 1, 2004


Deer ate my corn and my sunflowers. Looks like the squash is doing good.

Hows your garden grow?

: )


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I don't grow veggies but my lawn and flower beds are suffering badly in the August heat under the local watering restrictions. I may lose an azalea.


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I have had a wonderful summer. Last year I set a goal for 2004 that said I would try not to buy anything new, but just focus on moving and maintaining my gardens. Hoo-ray. I made it. I have taken time this year to do more bird watching and bouquet-gathering, and it has been great.

I have a very small yard, but have a very productive white Concord grapevine, a prune tree, and an apple tree which is espaliered on the back fence. I bought the prune tree three years ago, and it's loaded for the first time this year. The apple tree is six years old and produced a total of three apples this summer -- however, I just ate the first one and ooooh, it's the best apple I've ever had (truly -- not because it's from my own tree).


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