Have leak in house, need to patch exterior wall

YardleyOctober 12, 2011

Hi all, I have some water coming into the house. It not flooding, but the edge of the wall inside is very moist and the old wood floors are soft and rotting on the very edge close to the wall. This is happening on the ground level of my 100 year old house. Below is a picture of the exterior of the wall where I think the water is coming in through. As you can see, there are brick lining the wall. Any suggestions on what to do/use to fix this problem? Thanks for your help!

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Jackhammer the slab and install a channel drain sloping to a french well in an area lower than your driveway. Also put gutters on your house and make sure they drain away from the home. Check the pitch of the soil. It should drain away from your home and driveway. If it doesn't, you need to have your yard regraded.

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