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homeinflOctober 24, 2013

We have an awful tar/rubber smell that seems to eminate from one area of our house. A year ago we had our house completely renovated from the studs, new roof, wiring, plumbing, windows, floors, walls, everything.

We are in FL and had spray foam insulation on the underside of our roof and it seems to smell OK in the attic, and I can not find any smells on the outside of the house. During this past summer with the air on all the time we never noticed the "smell". Then, as fall arrived and we opened up the windows, BAM, the house smells of this disgusting chemical smell which is hard to trace.

Of course our general contractor couldn't smell it, although everyone else can. I even had a mold remediation company come out and they smelled it, but could not identify it. It's not mold. I'm almost to the point of tearing the front bedroom apart to locate this. Ideas???

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Ask the folks who installed the flooring what they put on the subfloor before installing the flooring.

Roofing felt(basically tar paper) is one material used for that.

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