What would this "thingy" be called?

donna_loomisJune 4, 2013

I want to make a jewelry pouch for my DIL. It will have a drawstring. I want the drawstring to remain tight after pulling and I would like to use a "thingy" I have seen on other drawstring items that works like this: The "thingy" looks like a good size plastic bead and both ends of the drawstring are threaded through it. It has a little button that can be pushed, which releases tension on the drawstring so that it can be pulled tighter or loosened. I've looked at Joann's website for drawstring and closure, but don't see anything even close. What would I even search for?

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a cord lock!

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And thank you VERY much!

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If you put 2 strings through the casing they can be pulled in opposite ways to close it. I have made many jewelry pouches and it's what I always use. Then the 2 strings can be tied in a bow to keep it securely closed and inserting a finger of each hand in the opening and pulling sideways opens it neatly

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Thank you. I'll give that a try. In fact, I think that might be perfect for my DIL, as she has a condition that causes pain in her hands and I was wondering if pushing the button on the cord lock would be a problem.

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