Hello! New here! Anyone home?

coriandreaAugust 2, 2012

Been lurking around different forums and discovered this one today. Joined up in order to post here before realizing most of the threads are old...I'm bummed!!! Was so excited; what's happened for there to be so little activity? i would think this would be a hotbed.... : )

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I posted here when it was livelier but it isn't very active. If you enjoy posting in forums you might want to try the kitchen table. They discuss anything and everything, it is very active. It is listed on the home page, further down and in the middle of the lists.

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Welcome! I think most of the older posters have either gotten into relationships/married or given up.

We sure used to have some fun discussions and I miss it, too. I left because I got married, but, sadly, my DH died 5 years ago, so I'm single again.

I check in every day and respond when someone posts, but as you can see, posts are few and far between.

Feel free to start a discussion - I know several of the original posters still comment when someone posts a new thread.

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Sarah, this forum is so slow these days - it used to be a busy place. Go to the Kitchen Table forum - over half of us are single and we'd love to have you! Just click on the link, below, and join us - we are a VERY active group.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW

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