I'm new and need help with sewing machine!

newtothis9June 12, 2008

I am new to sewing and would like a combination sewing/embroidery machine? I was looking at the singer futura but it has awful reviews. I can't spend more than $1200 for a machine... I would prefer one you don't have to buy cards for and you can hookup via USB to laptop.

Which brand model do you recommend? Or is there any decent one in that price range? THANKS

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Check with your local dealer. You might be able to buy a good used machine. I paid 1200 for mine and it was used. It retailed for 6000 new.
Good Luck,

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I used Vikings for embroidery and they usually have preowned machines that they have serviced (people trade them in). They offered me $1000 for my 1+ and there were Designers there also.

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Singer is no longer a good machine so I would not go there. Why don't you visit several dealers and spend the afternoon taking a class on anything. That way you can use a machine for 3 hours for $5 or $10 and see if you like it.

Since you are a new sewer, what you like and need might not be the same as the preferences of someone who has sewn for years. Sit and try several machines -- and not just for 15 minutes. How easy is it for you to change threads? Will the machine jam if you start sewing at the end of the fabric or do you need to use a "cheater". Do you have up and down needle buttons. Do you have a clear bobbin cover? What about speed control? Will the machine thread the needle for you?

Best wishes,

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