reasons for sewing

luvmypetsJune 8, 2009

Of course I enjoy it, but mainly the reason these days is to keep my mind off the loss of my beloved German Shepherd, Seargent. I put a picture of him on my sewing table and talk to him. Sometimes as I am sewing and it will come out nice or whatever, I think of him as my "sewing angel."

Don't think I am crazy just wanted to share, thanks.

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Whatever works for you. Reasons for sewing for me include relaxation - don't care if that includes ripping out, creativity - I'm not all that creative but it lets me play with colors, fabrics and design changes I might not have tried with anything else
money saver - for me because I have a stash I can make things for alot less than buying them alot of the time
social aspect - I sew with a small group of ladies I do not socialize with otherwise - we laugh, exchange ideas etc.
There are many more reasons I could think of for myself but as you stated - you enjoy it, like most of us.

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Good for you~ sewing with a group of ladies that sounds like so much fun and to have assistance from others, should try and put a group together myself someday, another day in the week is what someday is for me. (just feeling low these days, sorry)

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luvmypets - call around to some local churches and see if they have anything already going. Ask at fabric stores or quilt shops if there is any drop in groups they know of. If nothing else then think about starting a group on your own. Maybe a seniors centre has something going on -- if you are a senior but call a recreation centre.....ours has a group that sews with the handicapped. Get with a sewing friend and see if there is an afternoon she'd like to join you working on a project - individual or joint. I know you want to sew with others but another thing I know of in the sewing area is there is a group of ladies who volunteer to sew with seniors in a nursing home and also offer to repair the live-in seniors clothing.

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Taking a class at a local quilt shop is fun and a good way to meet new people.
Also, you could contact the local community theatre group and see if they need some help with costumes. NOT to head costumes up, but to do some sewing. I've made 17 nun costumes for the "Sound of Music". Plus made nurse costumes for WWI. Lots of fun to be had there.
Kathy G in MI

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Luvmypets, I'm so sorry for your loss! Our furbabies are as much a part of the family as the humans.

I used to sew all my clothes, and one of the main reasons was so that they fit well and they were in colors and prints that I like. So often the current fad styles/colors are just awful to me, and it's always nice to know I can make something I actually like!

I also love just looking at and feeling fabric, and thinking about what it would be good for. I mostly do quilting now, and planning and designing are very rewarding for me.


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Thank you msmeow, and yes our furbabies are just like our children.
And thank you to all, great ideas for starting up a "sewing group" I am going to try to start one of my own, will let you know how it goes.

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Sorry for your loss, Luvmypets. But happy that you have sewing to bring you joy. I mostly enjoy sewing quilts and purses, but before that, I loved making clothes for my daughter when she was little (she's not into homemade things anymore).

Both of my grandmothers were seamstresses so sewing makes me feel close to them. I wish I would've been into sewing when they were still alive. It would've been nice to get their advice on things.

I'm very happy that I discovered this fun and relaxing hobby and hope I'm able to keep sewing for many years to come. And I'm thankful that my husband and kids don't mind my using our dining room for a sewing room!

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I think of my sewing as "My Calgon Moment". So many people tell me that sewing makes them nervous. I find it is the opposite for me. After sewing for a while I realize that anything that I had on my mind previously has somehow disappeared. I love being creative and giving things my own special touch. That's what makes it mine! I would rather replace the term "hand-made" with "made-with-the -heart" somehow seems more appropriate.

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After doing alterations for 30 years, I know just about every trick to make my old tight slacks big enough to wear under long tops! I'm pushing 78, and my thighs are still size 14, but my "waist" is size 18.....

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Sewing is relaxing for me. I went quite a few years not sewing anything except repairs. I started again about 4 years ago and it made me see how much I had missed it!

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I am not very good at sewing clothing, but I love playing with my machine, using bits of fabric and making something out of them. I love creating and an uplifting attitude.

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I have been busy making baby gifts. Blankets, bibs, burb cloths and such. I babysat for 30 plus years and some of the kids I kept are having babies.. Talk about fun.. I also have 6 grandaughters I sew for. I mostly make sundresses. I recently found a sundress pattern on Ebay that I made for my girls when they were little. I have made the youngest grandaughters each one. Talk about memories.. My girls are now 36 and 41. My son's family bought me a new sewing machine last year for Christmas.

A couple years ago I used up all my scrap flannel and made all the little girls on my husbands side doll blankets and had their names monogrammed on them. They sure turned out cute..

I recently went to a baby shower for a guy I babysat for. They were doing their nursery in a John Deere theme. I bought a John Deere panel at my local Joanns. I made two different style burb cloths, a nursing strap, a binkie strap, and framed one larger tractor on the panel and it turned out adorable.

So much fun for me.

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I taught my husband to sew and he took over making our quilts,, it gives him something to do in the winter time,, when he can't garden, and he wanted to try his hand at
more sewing, so now he can makes our daughter denim pants with a elastic waist top,, he also made 2 mens shirts ,one for him and the other for our son,,keeps him from being bored... I make clothes also, I enjoy creating something I can wear to out. I don't like alot of the styles they have in womens clothes, so I make my own, from blouses, skirts,fleece jackets, lounge pants.. we get a lot of compliments at church for our clothes. sewing for us is a
enjoyment .

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I've been interested in one type of stitching/sewing or another most of my life, but I'd have to say that quilting is what really got me hooked. I got the bug abut 12 years ago when my kids were in their early school years and demanded less time.

I love when I'm into a project so much that it makes me hop out of bed faster so I can get started on my day, finish up the stuff I have to do so I can get to working on the fun stuff. I feel blessed that I have found something besides my family to bring me that much joy. It makes empty nesting not so bad.

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I love that I found this forum and have really enjoyed everyone's posts and reading all the various threads and projects. I dabble in the Garden Forums as soon as SPRING comes but my true free-time, stress-relief, artistic outlet is sewing!

Much like Anitiastitch's post above, I sew a little of everything but really love quilts and recently applique. Here is a picture of my combined favorite hobbies of hand-applique and gardening. A Tulip jubilee. Happy sewing everyone!!

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Wow! I love that tulip quilt! I've been getting into machine appliqué these days. So much fun!

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