Repairing a shake roof?

brittuOctober 14, 2011

Our 15 year old shake roof has some lifted shakes and moss. Most roof places just offer new roofs but no fixes. We've had a $7,000 bid to replace 1/3rd of th shakes an reseal. Another bid of $1,500 to just nail down with a few replacements and no cleaning or sealant. How the heck do we know what's best? We live in Seattle...

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I live in the Seattle area and had cedar shake roofs for over 30 years, so I know what you're facing. The problem with a 15-year old cedar roof is that you are going to have problems in other parts of the roof in the not-too-distant future, so whether you get the cheaper job or the more expensive one you're just putting things off a little.

Unfortunately, shake quality is poor these days because the shakes are typically new growth, which rots faster. After going through two cedar roofs and being at the point of needing a third, I decided that a 50 year, non-leaking steel roof was what I wanted. I love the look of cedar shakes when they are new, but the continuing maintenance is just a drag. My suggestion is to consider getting either an entirely new architectural shake roof that mimics cedar but will last a lot longer, or go to a steel roof. There is a lot of comfort in not having to continually clean off, worry about, and repair one's roof.

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I agree with kudzu9. Cedar is a very pricy roof and for similar pricing, you can have somthing that you don't have to worry about every 10-15 years. Steel is the way to go. Or even high quality asphalt architectural shingles. Check with your insurance company about possibly receiving a discount for switching from cedar to steel. Some offer that because of the greater fire resistance. I don't think Seattle has issues with wildfires like SoCal, but it's remotely possible that your municipality might also offer incentives to switch to steel. It's worth a phone call.

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They make steel roofing to mimic shakes and from a short distance one would be hard pressed to tell the difference.

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If you already have deteriorated shakes, just walking on the roof to repair them is very likely to cause more leaks (or At least damage more shakes).

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