buying a used entry door

ranger481vsOctober 11, 2010

I found a used fiberglass entry door on craigslist, which measurements match my existing "ugly" door that I would like to replace. How difficult is it to install just a door only into an existing door frame, and of course making sure it opens correctly, etc.?

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are you looking at just the slab of the door or the entire thing in the frame? I have never done it, but my contractor (doing a remodel) said that re-using old doors is difficult (but he might be lazy, too!)

Good luck.

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Yes, just the door slab itself without frame. I was hoping to be able to fit it to the existing frame that's in my house now.

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Not a DIY type job. If the door does not fit exactly(and it can be off as much as a half inch), you will need to change the door framing to fit the new door.

That is not impossible, but most DIYers do not have the experience nor the tools to resize the door frame easily or quickly.

To start, you would need to measure the CL door and your present door. The CL door has to be within 1/16" (wide and tall) and not bigger. The hinges should be the same, but I've seen them different. That would mean making new hinge mortices. Same for the striker plate and latch.

And, the CL door and your present door would need to have the same swing---left hinges or right hinges.

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Okay, thanks for confirming those points. Definitely not worth doing in my situation.

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It is not that hard to cut hinge or strike plate recesses in a wooden jamb.

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I agree with brickeyee - if you're patient, take your time and are willing to make incremental adjustments (do little, check the fit, do a little more, etc.) there's no reason you can't do this yourself.

I do think, however, things will be easier with a solid wood door than with a fiberglass one. The latter vary a good deal in how much wood is available on the hinge and jamb sides (if any).

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