Ridge vent or Mushroom caps?

susanilz5October 21, 2012

I have a 20 year old custom home which has 2 stories, 3 gabled dormers and several cathederal ceilings. We are in the process of replacing our current Hallmark roof. Estimating 26 squares.

We are getting conflicting advice from contractors. One suggests replacing our mushroom caps, while the other suggests installing a Ridge Vent. We live in Chicago, so the summers are very hot and humid and the winters are cold and snowey. We put R38 insultion in the attic when the home was built.

Which system would make the house more comfortable and be less of a pain? We have had some water issues on the cathederal ceiling, usually after wind blown ice storms. We do notice that the 2nd floor is pretty warm in the summer months especially at the end of the day and sometimes hard to keep cool. No issues in the winter.

The length of the back of the house is 48 feet, we currently have 8 mushroom caps on the roof and 11 soffit vents on that side of the house.

Thanks for your help.

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Sophie Wheeler

R 38 is the bare minimum you need here much further south. You probably do not have enough insulation by modern standards. You need more insulation, and to address those cathedral ceilings with foam to get the R value up. Then you need soffit vents coupled with ridge vents. The two work together hand in hand.

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Thank you hollysprings! Since we already have soffit vents we will do a ridge vent and increase the insulation. I'll also have someone check out the cathederal ceiling.

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