Insect moth? found during kitchen repair

mangomoonOctober 30, 2010

I am making repairs to my parents kitchen. They have moved on to senior citizen project. I encountered this bug, moth? around the cabinets to include outside of packaged foods, inside pantries and on napkins, water bottles, etc.

What is it and where did it come from?

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Looks like a meal moth. They come in grain meals (flour, cereal etc) and pet foods.

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Yep that's what it is.. had them in my food stuff too..... go to your local hardware (Ace) they have meal moth lures and traps, I think around $8. these things come in from the grocery store and are a PITA. You'll find in grains a web like stuff that's them and sometimes they will be up on your ceiling in the kitchen. Some say to freeze your foot stuff to kill any larva, but that is up to you.

It took about 3 months for us to rid these buggers with the traps.

Here is a link that might be useful: moth traps

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Check all holes inside the cabinets, such as those for adjusting the shelving height. Insert a cotton swab into each one to pull out any that are nesting. A flashlight helps, too.

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