Are you warm or cold?

mjmercerAugust 8, 2005

OK, so it's the dead of summer and most of us have either been dumped on with too much rain or too much heat and drought.

Ordinarily I HATE winter but I'm longing for a day when temps don't go over 50 Farenheit!! Ahhhh, bring on the turtlenecks and wool sweaters.

How about you? Are you more comfortable in a warmer or a colder climate?


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Funny I should read this just now!

I was just thinking, by the time August rolls around every year, I'm sick of baggy shorts & light-colored, lightweight tops.
Everything seems washed-out, worn-out, & sad.
My sandals are stretched, my hair is dry, & I'm sick of putting moisturizer on my feet.

I sigh nostalgically at the thought of sweats, closed shoes like sneaks & mocs, even pantyhose!
Sweaters, long pants, broomstick skirts... sigh.

Having been born in Texas & never experienced temps lower than 0 (& having thought I was gonna die from it!), I'd have to say warmer.

There are very few days when I can't go outside, & most of the time I can even work in the garden.

Sometimes I do harbor fantasies of snow-capped mountains, massive evergreen trees, & blue Himalayan poppies.

but it's just fantasy.

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Hello hello.

See, in Texas *this* is our dormant season, when we're indoors because outdoors is too inhospitable.

While Northerners "sit by the fireplace with a glass of wine, looking at seed & bulb catalogs & dreaming" in winter, we're out there in our wellies, forking compost into the beds, pruning, transplanting.

By the time they're enjoying their summer growing season, we're inside "sitting by the air conditioner with a glass of iced tea, looking at Christmas catalogs & dreaming"!

or sitting in front of a computer screen wondering where the heck everybody can be...

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Warmer weather is my type. It is cooling off now. Only 61* at 1:30 PM. Got on my jeans instead of shorts.

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