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RachelAugust 17, 2001

I just graduated high school and want to make a scrapbook of all the things of done...however, I'm wondering if this album should just include all the everyday things I did or if I should try to include everything (which includes two trips to Europe with school, and an trip to the National Finals for Academic Decathlon. I'm debating on if I should make theme albums for these special events and then make a more general album of my friends, school plays, etc...any ideas, i'm new to this and would appreciate advice

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Good Luck with your project. I am working on them for my high school kids and I have done a separate album for the sports seasons(have combined all the sports into one album) and the other book is their social events, family gatherings, etc. If you have enough pictures that you could do a separate album for your special events(trips to Europe) but also do a two page spread to put into your bigger album so you have your life in chronological order. Does this make sense-for instance if you went to Europe during the summer of 99-include that in the order of your bigger book? Send a response if that doesn't make sense. I always try to do a two page spread if possible so that the pages look nice together so if you have homecoming pictures and then nothing until Christmas you don't have a fall scene next to a winter scene. Just respond if this doesn't make sense. I also do some cheating with my books. Because I do pages for my daughters that I want in my book-I take my pages into Staples(office supply) and get a color copy made for $1.58 to put in my book. I use the 81/2 by 11 inch pages. Good Luck.

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How about including a small sampling of everything in one book and doing a more extensive version for each larger event like the Europe trips.

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My daughter also did a lot of things in high school which she wanted to remember in a scrapbook. This was before scrapbooking got so popular and she invented a lot of ideas herself! Her solution to your problem was to do one scrapbook for each year of high school...so she ended up with 4 books, but that way she could include all that she wanted to. They came out great and she will always have those treasured memories in good order. Hope this helps. Mrs.T

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