Bilco Door Leaking - Any suggestions?

psuleeOctober 8, 2005

I nearing the completion of a basement renovation and I've hit a snag. After a full day of severe rain, my Bilco door is leaking into the basement. The water appears to be either blowing in through the Bilco steel doors and/or condensating on the bottom of the doors and dripping down on to the concrete steps. The water is then running down the steps. It gets into the basement by both getting under the exterior door at the base of the steps, or through the wood nailers on either side of the door. What are the best ways to resolve this? Is it possible the water is entering via another route? I was going to seal the door up completely with acrylic caulk, but what is the best way to seal the nailer? The wood 2x4 unprotected at the bottom of the stairs and is wet which has wicked up about 4 inches. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Brian

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